McCorMick’s Sinigang with Rosemary and Chilli. #instantCooks #weekendcooking


Saw this instant Sinigang Soup Base Mix sold at SM Supermarket and it caught my attention as I was curious how the herb would make it taste differently.

So I decided to buy one to give it a try since I’m on a “Pinoy food only” diet for the next few weeks until I go back home for good.

Bought some ingredients from Rustan’s at Paseo Center after music practice today and then headed home to make this special Sinigang for dinner.


I chose to put Okra, Sayote and Talong as part of my “vegetable” ensemble, with tomatoes as the plus factor.


I tried to put as much water as I can because the suggested 4 cups was too little and the powder mix was just way too sour and salty for me. But because my cooking pot is too small, I couldn’t put any more water. So the final product was still too sour and salty so I ended up eating two cups of rice! Urgh..

And the verdict is unfortunately a thumbsdown for me. Highly not recommended as I didn’t like the fact that the powder made the soup sort of red in color and there was a hint of bitterness as well to the soup in addition to all that salty and sourness. I don’t know if its coming from the herb or the sayote.. It is just not recommended to get this soup mix. Not good at all. 👎👎


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