Catch up with aunty Josie. #friendswithmymomsfriends


With aunty Josie at LaMesa Grill, Mall of Asia.

I have known aunty Josie for years, she saw me growing up, going to my mom’s clinic where my mom was a staff nurse at and aunty Josie was her colleague. And look at us now šŸ™‚

Now with 3 grown sons, she was in Zamboanga for the past two weeks to visit her parents, and then passing by Manila just before heading home to KK. And so decided to reach out to me and catch up.

Even with the generation gap, I really didn’t mind meeting up with aunty Josie. She’s like the cool aunt I never had. I could talk to her like anyone in my age range. She’s just so warm and I feel comfortable talking to her despite what an introvert I tend to be.

We talked about the recent earthquake in Sabah, my future plans, about being single and independent, about her sons and what they’re doing with their lives, about her parents, and how her dad got sick when he fell from his bed and fractured his ribs, at age 81! But it seems he was getting better she says. And she was saying how it wasn’t easy taking care of an elderly which I totally understood seeing the trouble my mom goes through taking care of my grandmother.

We met up at Mall of Asia because she was staying at the seaside residence just across the mall. For the first time, I took a bus ride from under the Ayala MRT station to Mall of Asia when I would normally take a cab. It only cost me 12 pesos! Thanks to Mack and Nica who helped me figure that out and taught me where to take the bus. Nica was also riding the same bus on her way home to Cavite so I took the same bus with her to Mall of Asia. Thankful that God places people in my life to help me even in the smallest of things like commuting šŸ™‚

After aunt Josie and I met up, I just accompanied her around the mall to shop for the things she wanted to bring home to KK. Like sandals for her kids, some Polvorons, grocery items and that was pretty much it. We managed to go through the mall in 2 hours and got everything she needed done by 8pm. And I suggested we have dinner at LaMesa because that was the same place I brought Sabrina to when she visited me last June.

Since it was just the two of us, we ordered only two simple dishes, the Bangus Sisig and Adobong KangKong with Lechon Kawali. I didn’t enjoy the lechon though and I thought the sisig lacked the cream sauce like they do with the Tofu Sisig, but I guess aunt Josie was craving bangus. It was all good, aunt Josie enjoyed the dinner and she also liked the Buko shake I ordered for her.

We left Mall of Asia about 9:10pm and walked together towards the studio condo she was staying in. The place actually seems nice. Small though like every other SM units I guess but the owner had good taste and did a good job at keeping it well furnished and the interior was nicely designed. The owner even provided free wifi service and cable tv! So aunty Josie was fine just staying inside the condo and not really going out to roam around!

So after a short rest and a little bit more chit chat, I made my way home about 10pm. Took a cab from right outside the condo lobby so it was really convenient!


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