Honor God in our Relationships. #fasting2015 #day2 #midYearFast


Thankful to God for these ladies who encourages and shares their life with me as we walk together towards a life of stronger faith in God.

Especially when you are fasting in your workplace, it definitely isn’t easy with all the temptation around and people not understanding where you’re coming from. It’s a privilege to have this spiritual friendships even in the workplace.

We were all having different types of fast today so we couldn’t sit in a coffee shop so we decided to try and experience nature and the outdoors by gathering at a small park nearby the office. There were benches around that we could sit on and did our devotionals there.

It got a little hot after a while cos the Sun came out from under the clouds. So we had to move a bit but other than that it was a good session!


Today’s devotional was about how we should be learn to love our spiritual family, and also others. By always showing kindness, compassion, tenderness and seeking the interest of others over our own. Tough topic for me cos its so hard to love others especially with me being such an introvert that I enjoy being alone a lot of times.

But God says we need to love others, even strangers, so I gots to obey 😜


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