Jim Laffoon in the house! #propheticmessage #fasting2015


Pastor Jim speaking tonight as special guest speaker for our Prayer and Fasting day 1. He spoke about seeing our church as a fist punching through and breaking out and above the infernal walls.

It was an experience that I cannot describe. It was part warfare, part celebration, lots of praise and lots of praying in spirit. I especially enjoyed the version of Overcome the World by Every Nation Music that Pastor Joel led the congregation to. I was enjoying the music so much I didn’t manage to record it!

One part of the meeting that was memorable was when Pastor Joel as he was leading worship, told us all to just close our eyes and focus on Jesus. And I pictured Jesus standing right in front of me and everyone else around the room became a background. Just dark shadows and there was a spotlight on just Jesus and I. He was just smiling and looking at me lovingly as I continued to pray in the spirit. And then suddenly, the image turned into Jesus embracing me and giving me a hug. At that moment, tears just flow through my eyes of how loved I felt. I mean, I didn’t even intentionally thought of Him hugging me. I was just trying to focus on Him in front of me. Woww.. what an experience.. 🙂

I picked up a prayer request note from the fish bowl they prepared before the entrance, and I didn’t open the one I got until I reached home. And its a pleasant surpise since it was a very simple two word request : Wedding Finances.


Oh Jared Gundran. God bless you!! Prayed for this dude and I’m pretty sure with his humble request, God will open the floodgates of heaven to show His favor and blessing to this man who knows that he can’t do it on his own, and needs God to help him with this wedding. 🙌


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