A day of cheesecakes, bowling and Ramen. 🍰🎳🍜


Weekends are for bonding and fellowshipping with people I see on a daily basis. With Lauren, Mart, Rosel, Stephy and Maru at Cheesecakes by Guy at the Eastwood Mall. 5pm, Finally arrived at this far end of the metro after going through an hour’s worth of traffic at C-5.

Since the bowling alley was still packed and full, we had time to just chill, chit chat while waiting for a vacant lane at the bowling alley.

6:30pm, we got to the Paeng’s bowling alley which cost us 185 pesos each for the first game plus shoe rental. I guess Mart really enjoyed the game cos he was excited for another round when we ended the first. I also think he was so challenged with himself that he was pushing to get a score beyond 100 🙄


When we finally finished the second game, it was already past 8pm and we haven’t had dinner yet. Rosel’s first choice was to eat at Katsu Sora, but the place was already packed and the waitress was also unwilling to accommodate the 6 of us. We tried to stick around in the restaurant, Lauren and I, while the rest of them went around the mall. But we realised our waiting was in vain when, instead of leaving, people were going back for seconds cos they had a salad buffet! 😒

Lauren was already crankey cos she was hungry. So we suggested Hokkaido to Rosel and  she was ok with going there. So off we go to Hokkaido and I ordered the Ajisen Ramen costs 380 pesos per bowl. I also enjoyed the fact that they serve Chawan Mushi for 100 pesos only!




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