Keeping up with Mara Faye. #FactsetAlumni #LittleTokyo

Without shame, I invited myself to a party of two when I found out Lauren was meeting up with Mara tonight for a dinner date. They had planned to go to Little Tokyo in Pasong Tamo to try out the Japanese Food there since they both have not been there before.

Being the “former” Makati girl, I actually took them around and even taught them how to commute to get to the place the easiest way and route possible. By jeepney too!

Lauren wanted to try the Shinjuku Ramen place which was outside of the little walled area called “Little Tokyo”. But when we checked out the menu, it wasn’t too pricey but I guess Lauren also had her heart set on eating Takoyaki which was what the other restaurant, HANA, was more known for.

So we ended up in Hana. And sat inside thinking there would be air conditioning but it wasn’t any cooler anyway. I ordered the Spicy Tuna Salad, as well as their best selling Hana maki. I enjoyed the Hana maki because the salmon wrapped around the sushi was thick and so it was very filling. But the spicy tuna salad was just too disappointing. 👎



The 5 pieces 60 pesos each worth of their best selling, Hana maki.


The 280 pesos worth of Spicy Tuna Salad. Oh so dull and disappointing. Taste was ok though.

Mara was doing good in her company, coming close to a year being there, she’s starting to feel that she needed to be and do more. We were mostly talking about Lauren and her love life, which I figured she was starting to get annoyed with our teasing. Am glad that Mara also had the same thoughts as I did with regards to inconsistency and commitment. I just hope Lauren gets it.

The conversation was centered around both of them most of the time, and I occasionally butted in but I didn’t mind. I was kinda tired and wasn’t feeling so comfortable from all that sweat and heat so I was fine just tagging along and being an audience.

It was good to see her though. She lost a lot of weight and her skin was really good! As we ended the night and parted ways as early as 8pm, we said we will meet again before I leave for good. And I do hope that would actually fall through. If not, well at least I managed to catch her now. 🙂



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