Cauterization Ongoing. #FirstTimer #WartsRemoval


It’s health and wellness weak in the office, and we get to remove our warts for free!

Ahhh.. the perks of being a Factsetter.

I got most of the warts on my neck area. Same with Irah but she has more!


The white spots on our neck is actually the anesthesia cream they placed before having to zap each of the warts with high burning steel needle.

Even the boys got their warts removed too! Hey there Kaizz and Mack!


One advice I got from the dermatologist that did our cauterization was that I really need to put on sun block to prevent skin aging. When she checked on my face for warts, she made a guess by my skin that I was 40 years old!!! 😱😱😱 ouch!

So I guess I need to put that as part of my skin care regime, slab lots of sun block on my face and neck! The dermatologist even recommends up to SPF 80! Woah! Just my regular moisturizer that is up to 30 SPF won’t do. Even flurosent light rays and rays from the monitors are harmful to the skin she says. Wow.. learned new stuff today! So off to get sun block I go!



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