Crazy Beautiful You.


Image credit to abs-cbn website.

I watched this Tagalog teen flick cos I remember Whency talking about it and how it helps her relate to the younger generation in her campus ministry.

Its a typical teen movie where the girl is a rebel and gets in trouble. Of course, growing up in a broken family and so after bailing her out of jail, her estranged mother suggests that she goes to a charity outreach with her at Taclan province where mount Pinatubo is and there she meets the mayor’s son. But he’s not the regular spoiled Mayor’s son. He’s the son out of wed lock.

Of course, he has a kind heart and falls for the girl because she’s pretty and wild and he just likes the crazy girls right. Then she learns to love after having lived with the community she is volunteering in.

Gosh, its a very cliché movie but still can’t help feel the kilig moments. Although, I must say there have been other Tagalog movies that gives me the butterflies much more than this does, I guess this one just helps cos that Kathryn Bernado is just too sweet lookin!

I’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5 star personally. But man I really didn’t appreciate the songs they used in the movie. Just too 80’s for me. Tsk..


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