Boyhood. (2014)


Decided to finally watch this drama that was stored in my phone for a while now but I never found the mood to actually watch it. And since I was still very tired from the two weeks of vacation in KK and also Hong Kong, I just thought I could watch this one since it was already on my phone and I wouldn’t need to pick from a long list from my harddisk and just play it already.

I knew the movie was made through a span of a few years until the boy grew up. But I initially thought the boy was Ethan Hawke. It turns out he played the father in this movie. But still pretty impressive that they managed to keep the few main characters throughout the 12 years in the making of this movie!

You could really see the boy growing up before your eyes. From 12 years, they managed to squeeze all those years into a 2 hour and 45 minutes movie. Impressive indeed. The story was pretty straight forward, not a lot of drama, but perhaps at certain point of the movie, I thought the boy was gonna end up queer. I liked that he didn’t though. *Oops, spoiler alert.

Anyway, it was an interesting movie even though there was nothing else special of unique about the stories aside from the fact that they used the same actors throughout the 12 years. But kudos to the director though for thinking of this “REALISTIC” way of making a movie ^_^


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