To Kundasang we go! #connieandlaurendoKK #sabah #kotakinabalu #Day2

We left the house about 9am, had a bit of a bout with the car, as it started to die on us even before we left the house. So we dropped by Mom’s mechanic and asked him to check on the car. So far no problems found there, and as we left the mechanic’s shop, we prayed over the car and asked God for a safe journey up to the mountains and for no break downs. It was a journey we took driving the little car up there by faith!

Had Tuaran mee for breakfast at the Inanam area recommended by Tommy and my sister previously, and I had ordered my Lihing version of Tuaran Mee, while I gave Tita Connie and Lauren a taste of the original Tuaran Mee. Lauren ended up loving mine instead and even had 1 ordered to go!

After 2 hours of driving up to Kundasang, we finally arrived at the Kinabalu Park around 12:30pm. From there we drove around the park area, went to the Botanical Garden, but I was super disappointed by that place though! Can’t believe they had to even charge guests to go there to a very lousy and dull garden! Everything seemed so poorly maintained and there wasn’t much flower around or anything to rave about really.



After getting out of the garden, we went around the park and found a spot “The Kiau Gap View” which had a very close up view of the mountain and stopped by there to take some photos. Getting back to the main Kinabalu park entrance, we were getting quite hungry as our lasta meal was since 10:30am, but because we also wanted to catch the Desa Milk Farm, we went by for a quick snack at the Ranau town and got some fried spinach and chicken wings. But we had to rent a car at the Kinabalu park though since the tiny Kelisa wouldn’t be able to survive the terrains there, especially since it started raining.

The Avanza we rented was worth RM 180 for the ride to Desa Farm and back to the Park. It was expensive if you ask me, I mean, that kind of price could be worth for a day’s car rent, when we were only renting it for less than 5 hours! Aaaaanywhoo.. since that was our only choice, we went ahead with it. At least the car also came with a driver so we could just chillax and enjoy the ride.



By 4pm, we arrived at the Desa Farm just in time to watch the cows get ready to pump their milk! It was all machine processed now, no more manually squeezing the milk out of the cows and I we didn’t even get to see a close up of the cows. We did however manage to get a nice photo with the cows outside! Thank God the skies cleared out and we got to take some nice views and shots outside. And oh, the ice cream there, so fresh!!! Yummeeehhhh



After the farm, it started raining really heavily, so we decided to go on to the Hallelujah Retreat home and settle down for a bit and just eat whatever dinner they could have there. Unfortunately, the sign to the Hallelujah Retreat was so small that we didn’t see it and I missed the turn so my mom was just nagging at me while I drove and it was stressing me out. It was embarrassing that we had to even argue in front of our guests.

But we manage to finally find the place, and then as we started settling down, the rain stopped! So we figured we could go out for a quick dinner and come back and rest. I also contacted my sister that time to ask her about the retreat and how much they would charge us per night, and we managed to get a chalet for the 4 of us which had 2 rooms with bunk beds on each. The chalet even came with a kitchen and a bathroom. Nice! And they charged us RM 150 per night for that chalet. Woohooo!

Brenda, the retreat owner and manager, a far relative to Tommy, also suggested that we go eat at this Chinese place just near the retreat. I was glad it was Chinese food though but there wasn’t anything great about the food there. They didn’t have anything special that I recommend to Tita Connie and Lauren to really enjoy.



After dinner, back to the Chalet and we turned in early since there was no signal and no tv, nothing much to do anyway. It was super cold, about 18 degrees Celsius or even lower perhaps. And we weren’t really prepared for that cold of a weather, good thing Tita Connie and Lauren had some extra clothes for layering.

Check out Lauren’s post here on her Kota Kinabalu experience!


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