Farewell Kevin-san!


With the American Japanese Financial Language Analyst, Mr Kevin Steinbach. Because its his last day at Factset this Friday but Lauren and I are leaving for KK tomorrow, today will be the last day we see him at the office 😥


Gave him a wooden bookmark I had in my stash thats from the beautiful land below the wind and a simple goodbye note to wish him well.


At the pantry with some others! Bernice, Kevin, Mart, Jamie, Lauren and Irah.

And just before we ended the shift, Kevin gave me a little goodbye note too! Aaawww..


Its like a postcard from Papemelroti.
“My FAVORITE Weather is BIRD CHIRPING weather.” I guess thats what Kevin did mentioned before, his favorite season on the Fall!


Seeing what a long message he left me, kinda makes me feel my message was overly generic and waay too simple and insincere! 😰

Dear Pam,
When we were going around the room and describing ourselves that first day, I used the word “shy” but I’ve always thought that what I should’ve said was “sentimental”. Thank you so much for being part of my time at Factset. I’m glad we were often able to help each other out, and I’m grateful for the times we could share a meal or chat together. Thank you, too, for modeling for me a deeply-felt but never ostentatious faith, a trait I’ve always admired in you and would like to learn to emulate myself. I wish you all the best at Factset and beyond. I hope you’ll let me know where you go next – you can reach me on Facebook or write xxxx@gmail.com.

Take care,

Awww.. wasn’t that such a nice message. Here I was thinking I didn’t want to overdo the compliment and step out of bounds cos I didn’t want his spouse to think why I especially gave him a little bookmark. But I did because Kevin is really such a gentleman. Of all those American shows and stereotypes we see on TV, Kevin is by far the nicest person you can get to work with.

Thank You Lord for Kevin. I pray You will lead Him to You again in Your timing. Amen!


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