Pitch Perfect 2 👭👭👄👏🎶🎼🎵


Watching the Acapella group! With Jobelle!


We even got a popcorn treat to go with the tickets! Thank You Lord!

And out of the excitement of catching up with each other and the movie and the food, we forgot to take a #wefie photo! Bummer.

The movie was awesome and fun to watch by the way. Not to mention the songs! Woohoo to 90’s HipHop!! Yeaaahhhhh

Couldn’t hold it any longer what with everyone around me raving about the movie and how great it was so I just had to spontaneously ask Belle if she wanted to watch it this evening. We met up about 3:30pm at SM Aura after I did a bit of shopping and I just randomly asked if she wanted to watch a movie and surprisingly she was game for it.

Movie was at 5pm and before we hit the cinemas, went for an early dinner and ate at the Food court at SM Aura. I ordered beef wrap worth 265 pesos from the Braza food stall I think.

Talked about the usual stuff, catching up with her life and her recent vacation back to Leyte and how she is still looking around for a job since she had quit her previous job. So thankful to God for this sister in Christ. Sure gonna miss these bonding moments when I leave Manila for good. 😦


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