Spontaneous Shopping.


Black flats for work, 290 pesos.


Flowery sando, 150 pesos.


White lacey top, 100 pesos.


Half spaghetti strap, black 50 pesos.


Patterned Navy blue and orange zigzag Leggings, 150 pesos.

Spent a total of 740 pesos today!! Woah! After work, Irah was heading towards the Fashion Market Tiangge at Market Market Mall to look for a dress to wear for a wedding dinner. I took the opportunity to keep her company and shop with her while I waited for the vgroup meet at 7pm. So these are what I ended up spending money on!


This was Irah’s ootd for the wedding reception she attended. I grabbed the photo off her FB page and I’m glad to say I have contributed to helping her pick out her outfit! Maroon maxi skirt, with a plain white with lacy knitted shoulder sleeves. Irah looks so elegant and lovely here 😁 She spent 280 pesos for her shoes, 380 pesos for her top and 400 pesos for her maxi dress. Just the right amount of expenditure and she even wanted to get new accessories but I suggested that she just borrows it from Lauren and I’m glad she took my advice!


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