My new toy! #ukulele #music #jasmine #concertsize


Meet my new baby! Jasmine, the concert Ukulele.

uke11 uke12 uke13 ukea ukea2

Sorry I don’t have the descriptions and specs for this goodie cos I’m actually a newbie in Ukes and been wanting to get a hold of a Uke to learn ever since I saw that episode in HIMYM Season 9 when the song La Vie En Rose was played using the Ukulele and it was just so sweet, I told myself I gots to learn that song and play it!


Lauren was also looking out for a Ukulele because she was planning to buy one as a gift to her sister Angel. So we made plans to meet up for the weekend to go and survey the market together. Took the MRT from Ayala to Cubao, met up with Lauren there and then from Cubao LRT2, we went on to VMapa Station. I couldn’t recall any other time I took the LRT2 line that had such a big station! So Lauren and I had to take a selfie shot at the LRT2 station while waiting for the train to arrive.


And just 4 stations away from Cubao, is the VMapa station. Just below the station was the place where once upon a time, Edmer took me there to buy my two guitars back in 2012.

Went around a few shops, and they were all selling the Ukuleles for about 1,800 pesos to 2,500 pesos range. Which was considerably cheaper compared to the ones I saw in the malls which normally starts around 2,500 and goes up to 4K pesos per Uke.


I finally settled with this one after a few shops because this was the only one I where I liked how the strums sounded and it wasn’t too dodgy like the generic ones which was not going to be worth the 1,800 pesos I was going to pay for. And not only that, this was the only shop I knew that also sold the hard case! Which was good seeing how I’d have to put this into cargo and without a hardcase, I can’t guarantee this thing is gonna be in one piece when it gets back to KK.

The Uke was priced at 2,500K, and it already came with a “pick up” which means I could connect it to an amplifier if I wanted to. The hard case was sold for 700 originally and the dude gave me a 200 discount so all in all I spent 3K for the Uke including the hardcase and also some little freebies like extra strings and even a 3metre connecter cable.

I think it took Lauren and I about an hour and a half there, deciding which to get and all. I actually wished I had done more research before going there to buy one since this was only my first Ukulele. I mean, initially I wasn’t planning on getting a mid-range Uke. I was even hoping I could get 2 Ukes with the budget of 3K, which technically I could have, if I had forego the hard case.

Oh well, whats done is done. I prayed about this the night before heading to VMapa to check out the Ukuleles. I asked God to help me choose one that will be worth the value and that I won’t be cheated off from the salesperson. I trust that God had protected me from deceitful sales people today and I am pretty sure He had set this one for me. ^_^


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