Jiro Dreams of Sushi. (2011)



Thanks to Kevin-san for introducing this documentary movie to me. Love the title by the way! Immediately caught my attention. Not to mention it’s about food so when do I say no to anything food-related right?

It’s interesting to see how the Sushi Master works and what is involved in the art of making Sushi. Loved the cinematography of this piece and even the classical music used in it, how they were portraying the whole process of making sushi and how the Sushi Master was like the Maestro of an Orchestra, which is exactly why the music was so appropriate!

I totally enjoyed it, loved that the whole movie was in its native Japanese Language and only with the help of some subtitles, I managed to get a jist of what they were talking about. I am appalled at the fact that this restaurant served purely sushi and nothing else and you have to make a reservation one month in advance! Woah! Incredible! I guess thanks to his Michelin 3 Star Award, he gets the bragging rights for it.

His ways are so traditional, I wonder how such methods and clique of restaurant could survive in the years to come. But then again, these methods are becoming so rare that I guess people are willing to pay for old stuff just like antiques!  And to think that the whole restaurant only has 10 seats! Wow.. never knew such restaurant exists.

Truly an eye opener!


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