First time for Lauren!



Walking from High Street all the way to Market Market with my fellow Worship Night Attendees, Lauren, Geordan and Tina! First time for Lauren to join a Victory Worship Night! Wooohooooo Praise God!!!!



Here at our usual hang out spot before Worship Night starts, the Food Choices (Food Court) at Market Market. I ordered a simple meal of just plain rice and steamed Egg, Korean style because it was very plain and bland, perfect for my stomach that was acting up just as we got to BGC. Urgh..



For a 79 pesos simple meal, they present it quite impressively. In a metal tray with separated compartments to place the pickles, Kim Chi and steam egg in the small claypot bowl. Gave my Kim Chi to Lauren though since I didn’t want to upset my stomach further with spicy stuff.



We went ahead to the Every Nation hall by 6pm even though the program actually starts at 7pm. Because this place gets packed up real quick and people “Reserve” seats all the time, we made sure we were there early and get a good view and seat.

I am so glad that Lauren made an effort to attend this worship night and she even got to meet other people from Victory UBelt like Jude who was her prayer partner for the night. So glad that God touched her heart and she is slowly but surely growing in her faith in Christ.

Thank You Lord for Lauren!



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