Boy Meets Girl (2014).


I did not expect this to be a movie about a transgender girl. I thought it was just another regular B grade romantic comedy about teenage love and boy was I wrong. This Indie film got my attention. And I am certainly glad I got to watch it.

Got me really curious about the lead cast, Michelle Hendley, and this was her very first movie and she was discovered by the director from YouTube. Surreal no?

Well, day 2 staycation from this Labor day long weekend and still trying to catch up on all the movie stock I have on hand. Also trying to get rid of movies that no longer interest me so I would have more storage space. I even watched Katy Perry’s Part of Me documentary movie and even teared up at the part where she and Russell got divorced! And I realized she really does have a good singing voice! Some of her songs are actually really good I just find them annoying cos they overplay them on the radios. But yea, guess she’s a nice and hardworking celebrity after all.


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