Thank You Lord for smooth processing  of the NBI clearance renewal!

Took the cab from office after work and was worried I might not make it to the NBI office at UN Ave on time before they close at 5pm. I also wasn’t sure if they might run into any other problems and might request for me to return again next week.

The cabbie driver insisted on an additional 50 pesos on top of whats on the meter just cos he wasn’t willing to go through all that traffic without any incentive. So I agreed hesitantly but thankfully it was worth it cos he managed to get me to NBI by 4:15pm.

And by the time I got out of the place with my clearance on hand, it was only 4:30pm. So the commute back was hot and sticky cos I had to squish into the train with everyone else avoiding the rush hour but I managed to get back to McKinley after an hour and was back by 5:30pm! Not too bad!

Now having spent 270 pesos for cab going there, it took almost the same amount of time. But with the trains + FX I only spent a total of 58 pesos! Big difference but yes, I didn’t have to sweat my pants to get there in an hour’s time.

Oh well, at least for now I won’t have to go back there again. 🙂


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