Vgroup night at 30th track.


With Junbee, Mayleen, Kimi and Tina. Only our second time to do Vgroup at the Jogging Track/Park and its great that despite the summer heat, it was breezy and cool in the evening so no problems having our vgroup meet here. Its also a plus that we get to choose the type of food we want to bring and at no corkage cost! Hehehehehe. The downside though, we’d have to find a large enough mat for all of us to fit into so we won’t have to be bothered by the itchy grass and possible ant bites. Also, the bum hurts after a long time sitting on the ground! Not to mention we get leg cramps.. aiyaiyaiiiii… Buuutt, still thankful to God that this place becomes an option! 😉

We were suppose to play the game of Guesstures (a.k.a Charades) but ended up having much more to share about our lives and loving our enemies that we didn’t get around to playing it.


I guess its a topic that everyone could relate to very much and the common issue we were talking about that night was “enemies” in the workplace! So Kimi, Tina and I mostly shared about how we have annoying people in the office and how we deal with them according to God’s word and stuff. But I guess something slightly off-topic became my main take-home for the night.

Kimi asked a “very frequently asked” question : “How do we know if something is indeed God’s will?”

Mayleen and Junbee both brought up the 3 main indicators which was “Righteousness, Peace and Joy”.

I think I heard this saying before somewhere I just don’t recall putting it down in notes. But here it is,

Righteousness – If that something was done without “Sin”.

Peace – “If you have a calmness in your heart that you don’t feel like something is wrong or its like a conscious feeling that you can’t explain why something feels wrong.”

Joy – “If you can be happy even if that something doesn’t happen for you, you know you can do without it.”

Wow, what a great reminder and food for thought. I guess some part of me knew from the start of the Canadian Visa processing that it wasn’t God’s will for me to have to have a guilty conscious about my application. I wonder if this time’s application, I’d have peace? Well, nothing else I can do about it but submit it to the One who can handle all things. 😉

#groufie before we end the night!



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