Fast Se7en! #toPaulWalker


It’s time we say goodbye.The last Fast and Furious movie I watched was back in 2013 with these girls in this post. This time, I thought I should go ahead and watch it alone while it’s still showing in the movie and so I won’t have to go through the hassle of scheduling and organizing people to watch it with me.

Lots of action, lots of fighting scenes, lots of ridiculous car flying moments and stunts but its still so fun and exhilarating to watch!

Real sad to see Paul Walker’s character at the end of the movie and the tribute to the guy. They said they had to CGI his face into the scene and yeap, it was kinda obvious it was fake but hey, do whatcha gotta do right?

Few of the girl fight scenes were also ridiculous that they could still look beautiful without any bruises whatsover after all that brawling and punches. I just wished they could make it more realistic.

And finally, the moment when you think the protagonist was gonna die on you and you know he won’t? And the drama leading up to that ever so expected scene? Corny!!

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