Black Saturday. 2015.

I have no clue why they call this the “black” Saturday. But yea thats what I’m gonna put as my title for this day since I am terribly bad with titles.

So I slept very very late last night. Actually I only went to bed at 5am in the morning and was already up by lunch time around 12:30.

I crammed the whole 13 episodes of season 2 Orange is the New Black and finally finished it!! Can’t wait for season 3!!! So when I was done with the season 2 episodes, I went with watching and reading all about the casts of OITNB and mu favorite character would be Poussey Washington mostly because she is actually very pretty for a black lady and small framed compared to the other black lady casts. And not to mention that episode where she spoke German?! Wow! Totally blown away! But its too bad she doesn’t really speak German in reality. But she got the accent spot on! Kudos!

So I also had time to defrost the refrigerator and throw out some of the expired food. Also managed to cook me some home styled porridge! Simply with some chicken drumsticks, carrots, ginger and garlic. And thats it! So easy yet bland enough to soothe my congested nose and flu. This has been going on for about 3 days now. I must’ve caught the flu bug from my roommates since they been sick the past week as well. Porridge is my favorite confort food when I feel ill.

Finally I capped off the night by watching Adam Sandler’s latest movie, The Cobbler.


It wasn’t very funny and surprisingly it wasn’t produced by his own Happy Madison company too. So it was a bit of a serious movie but still his favorite side kick is always there, and one of the actress from OITNB series is also in the movie! Very small part but still, I am impressed by the amount of exposure thesr actresses get after being in a hit TV series!

All in all, it was rather draggy and predictable and not a lot of funny scenes. Doesn’t have the usual Adam Sandler stamp on it except the Jewish religion as always.

Then after the movie at 12:30am, time to sleeep and get ready for Sunday!


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