Goooood Fridaaaay!

Good Fridays here in the Metro means Ghost Town season!

Its so quiet outside and I’m lovin’ it! Everyone is out of town and all the malls and the businesses are shut down for the day. Whoah! So no point going outside really cos nothing is open anyway.

Spent the whole day just using the internet and catching up on Orange is the New Black season 2. I was at the apartment lounge area using the wifi from about 9am until 11am when I knew my other roommate Thesille would be out of the apartment by then so it wouldn’t be too crowded in the unit when I get back.

So I got back just in time to eat some lunch and then it was back to the series and chips mode.


Its actually a series categorized under “Comedy” but it doesn’t seem much of a comedy for me. Its more drama though with all the inmates and criminals and the lives of these people before they got to prison. Very interesting story and it makes me really curious about the book now.

Lots of girl on girl action though which I feel very guilty of watching and wish that they don’t have to show so much skin in this show and of course, it has really foul language in it too. 😰

Definitely not for teenagers. And I mean anyone under 21!


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