Goodbye Big Daddy Miggy! #farewell #greenerpastures


With the Don Miggy! I’ll always remember him as the rich, big daddy baseball player thats a quite soul but has a gentle heart. Doesn’t talk much and always looks like he’s pist off but when he cracks up and laugh and smile, you know he’s the gentle huggly bear that everyone loves.


It’s sad to see him leave the team but I guess a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. He doesn’t really need the job here if you ask my opinion and its a loss for the team than it is a loss to him. Well, now he can concentrate on being a father and also work on other projects like his businesses.


Group photo! With the AM and PM team at the pantry enjoying the treat from Miggy. Pansit noodles and barbeque pork sticks!

P1120089 P1120088 P1120087

I couldn’t have a taste of the treat since it was a fasting day but I just took some home in a take away container so I could just have some for the next day. God is so good. Just when I thought the loong weekend was going to be hard to find food to eat around since everything will be closed, God sent provisions so that I would not go hungry 🙂 even Lauren had extra Macaroni Salad to give me and Bernice got me some Sio Mai! Awwww…

Free food is a blessing!


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