KTown homies in Manila again.


Finally managed to get the right timing to meet this girl! Hey Ams!

She’s here in the Big Manila city for a few days with her bf Chey attending a short seminar on weightlifting techniques and also the grand opening of a new gym in Pasig called “LiftHard”. So after church service, took a cab and went all the way to Pasig. Even though I wasn’t really familiar with the area, I had my very good friend, Google Maps helping me with directions and so I got there just a little bit before 2pm.


Check out the awesome mural behind us! Nice touch to the gym 👍.

As soon as I arrived there, they had started the dedication ceremony and an Indian priest prayed over the gym and the connecting coffee shop beside it that belonged to the same owner. They also served Amber’s best food for the people who were there for the grand opening ceremony. There weren’t many people and it wasn’t like it was packed or what. The place is quite hard to find since they haven’t set up the Brand name and signage outside yet.


So Ams and I just hung out there, catch up with each other’s lives and whats been going on the past few months since I last saw her in October 2014. A little furry friend joined us too! The chow chow’s name is Samantha! One of the guest brought her to the gym and it was her first time out so I guess she got a bit nervous which caused her to pee in the gym!

They also had some activities for the day, like doing some work out and winner gets a month’s free pass to the gym. I didn’t join of course as I wasn’t exactly dressed for gym. I even had my make up on from the morning’s volunteering at church. So Ams and I just practically chit chat throughout the time.

Around about 6:30pm, the owner Ken, started bringing out beer pong table and they were going to start drinking! At 6:30pm! Tsk.. so I suggested to Ams that I’d take them out to dinner since I’d know my way around other areas in Manila. Chey also needed to find a Maybank ATM so it was just fitting that I brought them to BGC High Street cos that’s where Maybank is! The other Malaysian part owner of the gym, Kirksman, tagged along with us to BGC.

It was just 20 minutes away and so we got to BGC through C-5 even before 7pm. Went around and was deciding where I could take them for dinner. I thought of good old Gerry’s Grill but wasn’t sure if there was any branch nearby Global City. So I took out the FourSquare App to see whats good nearby, and whaddya know? The Va Bene Pasta Deli place popped up and that was exactly the place that Amie wanted to go to because of her friend Thanis Lim’s recommendation! God is so good! He made everything fall into place at the right timing and location. I was pretty sure it wasn’t a coincidence 🙂

Since the FourSquare app didn’t specify that the restaurant was actually on the Cinema floor of the BGC Central building, we had to walk around for a bit to search for the place. It was jam packed so we had to wait in line for a seat for the four of us.


I ordered the Salmon Potato Ravioli which costs 440 pesos I think, I couldn’t recall the exact price but I loved it though. I just wished there was more serving cos it was only 6 pieces of ravioli pasta! Although it was stuffed, still, for a petite woman with a big appetite like me, I could’ve had more!


I couldn’t recall all that Ams had ordered, the specific names, but I remember this the most because it tasted so good! It wasn’t too salty like how most of the pasta sauce here are made. Its the spinach roll but I forgot what else is in it. I wouldn’t mind coming back for this!


We finally got to eat at about 8pm and the price of that meal was a whopping 4,030 pesos! So we all just shared and paid 1K each since we all got to taste everyone’s order anyway. After dinner, went around Rustan’s Supermarket at the Lower Ground level and then walked around outside BGC Central where there was  Gourmand Food Fair going on. Lot’s of stuff to see too and Kirk kept saying how we should’ve just eaten the food at the fair! They had Angus Beef and lots of Dipping Sauces and even wine. Pretty cool fair and it’s the first I’ve seen being held here in High Street.




By the time we were done strolling along the High Street, it was about 10:30pm. I went along with them to Metrowalk KTV because that’s where they were invited by their host, the gym owner Ken, to hang out for the night. By the time we got to the KTV at 11pm, the dudes were all drunk and shouting to those songs!! It was awfully hard to just chill and relax since that’s just how the Pinoys like to party! Hehehehehe…



Good thing the night didn’t last too long, they were ready to leave by 1am and so I took off and said farewell to Ams, Chey and Kirk. Got home by 1:30am and off to sleep at 2am before I have to wake up at 5am! Woah!!


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