Factset Sports Festival 2015.

Woke up at 7am realizing that I could very well miss the shuttle from the office going to the Sports Festival Venue at Shaw Boulevard! Luckily, as always, Pinoys are not very punctual so by the time I got out at 7:30am, we still had to wait for the shuttles to arrive and finally depart for The Gatorade Hoops Centre by about 8am.


Arrived at location just before 8:30am and the event was suppose to start at 9am, but yupp, you guessed it, we started the parade and opening ceremony only at 10AM!! Duh!!!


The registration booth. One of the first to sign in!

Awesome indoor bball court! Check out the quote by legendary Michael Jordan,

“If you quit once, it becomes a habit. Never quit.”

Well, it was a simple and straight forward ceremony. No dance number this time, unlike the previous one that I attended back in 2013, post here, but this place is definitely waaay nicer and cooler to hang out at.


CAP-DAS team Represent!! With Pat A, Kaizz, Omar, Lauren, Irah, Jamie, Ros and Lionel!

I also got to shoot some hoops while I was there. Missed playing ball so bad, its been how long???

The last sports festival I went to we got free t shirt. I love how we get freebies attending these company organized events! This time, being one of those who register online and early, I got a free tumbler! I preferred a t shirt though but I don’t know with Irah, she was so freakin’ excited about getting this tumbler. It was the sole reason why she even bothered to attend the sports festival this day!




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