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October 31, 2014

Early dinner with Birthday girl, Galerose.


At the Kuppa Café in BGC. With the 28 year old Galerose. Although we already celebrated her birthday 2 days earlier, since I had half day off from work I figured I could spend some time with her on her birthday.


For starters I ordered their Roasted pumpkin soup (140pesos) which I regretted btw. It was waaaay too sweet. It tasted artificial. My sister makes better pumpkin soup!


The Chorizo Ariabatta? This was my dish. A spicy tomato linguine with Chorizo. 270 pesos and it was nice and delish. I wish I wasn’t so stuffed with all the popcorn so I could’ve enjoyed my food more.


Gale ordered the Oso Buco. Its beef shank with carrots and linguine pasta. I didn’t take a bite cos I didn’t want to get infected with Gale’s cough and cold. She was suppose to be on sick leave today but hey, u gotta eat some time right?

And after the meal, we went to the chapel at St. Luke’s hospital on the 5th floor and made our prayers. Thanked the Lord for kind roommates and also for the good day today :).

October 31, 2014

Ouija (2014). #becauseitshalloween


Next up! Ouija!

Saw online that this was the go-to movie for the Halloween season. So after watching Blood Ransom, this was next.

The cinema was just the regular cinema so we didn’t have lazyboy seats like the former movie, and I was conscious cos I was seated next to a young cute boy who of course was way too young for me. It was just for me to “cuci mata” hehehehe…

As usual, I did the close-my-ears maneuver. So I manage to watch the whole movie without having heart attacks in between scenes. Yes, it was also predictable. I must say the main leading cast looks like the girl from Gossip Girl but I think she’s not her. But yes, very pretty.

Story wise, again, simple, straight forward, twists are there too. But of course, never truly has an ending since they might want to make an Ouija 2 or prequel or something. (Insert eye rolling here).

October 31, 2014

Blood Ransom (2014)


Watching this movie just to support Pinoy sensational celebrity and actress, Anne Curtis. Also, its Halloween and my roomie Gale’s 28th birthday! Says its her treat for me.. Uh ok..


And I also got snacks from Marks & Spencer! Belgian chocolate coated raisins and yoghurt coated raisins! Pricey tho but let’s see if its a quality product. Php 110 and Php 130 each.


So what do I think of Blood Ransom?

At the beginning of the movie, I couldn’t understand it. I just couldn’t. It felt like an essay that was poorly organized. It felt like something that started from the middle, went to the ending, then back to the beginning but the audience were not led to those scenes and scenarios properly.

Not to mention, the long winded write up that the story began with that required the audience to read a very looooong explaination of the background story. Tsk. If I wanted to read, I might as well read a book. Why go to the movies right?

So anyway, I went along with it. Tried really hard to concentrate and figure out what was going on and what the screenwriter was trying to tell us, the audience. It helped that Gale and I were at Cinema One of the BGC Cinemas, the seats were lazyboy seats that I could lean back or almost lie down comfortably. It was no wonder the ticket cost us Php370 each.

Before watching the movie, I knew it was about a vampire and just like a lot of the vampire stories out there, its very predictable. Not to mention there were parts that were very corny. I also wished Anne had more script in the movie. Even until the end of the movie, there were parts that didn’t make any sense. I even tried to search the movie in Wikipedia to check out if they had spoilers or plot descriptions to perhaps enlighten me, but nope. Only critics review of the movie which wasn’t very positive either. Tsk.

Well, non the less, still proud of Anne Curtis for actually auditioning and trying to branch out internationally. A for “effort”! :-p

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!


Although I personally don’t really celebrate this occasion, its nice to see all the decorations and be entertained by the efforts people go through for Halloween!

And thanks to the government in the PH, our company decided to suspend our work for half the day too! Awesome!! 4hours of work and we’re headed home! Time to chill and relax and enjoy the weekend!

October 30, 2014

New girly wallet. #change #wearandtear


Lauren helped me buy a new wallet! I love that the strap is red and this is pretty cheap for a wallet! I was always used to the 3 zipper types since I reckon they give more space. Here is the post I last had my wallet replaced.

Seeing how both Lauren and Bernice are using this one zipper with 3 compartments type of wallet seems to work for them. Not to mention I needed a bigger wallet that could also fit my 5.5 inch Cherry Boom Boom, I decided to give it a go.


I did had to remove some things from my wallet that I was used to having around, like my folded comb and some small keys with a big keychain. But other than that, I think its gonna work for me.


SM Accessories are doing pretty well now and have better designs. I gave Lauren 150 pesos to get me this but I have a feeling its slightly more than that. Really sweet of her to help me out to go get this. Lovely people I am surrounded by. Just lovely! 😘


October 29, 2014

Early birthday Surprise.


Happy early birthday to my roomie Galerose!

It was a slightly challenging attempt at surprising her today. Thanks to some help from the other roomie Thesille. I got home at 3pm expecting her to be still asleep but nope, she was wide awake because she was exchanging stories with Aileen, the other other roomie.

But all is well, even though we tried to stop her from eating or getting food before our surprise for her, she managed a bit of space in her tummy for extra Pizza, Chicken Wings and Pasta that we ordered for delivery.


To top off the table setting while Gale went down to get us some 3.5% beers, we also took out the surprise strawberry cake with candle lit and a birthday card with a 300 pesos Fully Booked gift card. She was jumping for joy when she saw the gift inside the card. I knew she’d like them books. 😋


Too bad Aileen had to go to work and couldn’t join us. Saved her some pizza though. We just spent time eating and chilled out at the dining table and talking. Was a nice and simple night in and I get to bond with my roommates which is a rare thing that total strangers can be friends.

October 28, 2014

Pink Ribbon Sale & Visit to Pottery Barn.


After work today, went on a short “girly” bonding session with Jamie, Bernice and Lauren to the Pink Ribbon Sale at The Bench Tower, BGC.

It wasn’t a sale for just the Bench brands, but also other brands that the bench company handles. Other brands that were on sale : Charles & Keith, Aldo, Human, Cotton On, American Eagle and many more.

I must say the deals were not too bad for those well known expensive brands! Saw a 500pesos pump shoes from Charles & Keith and was very tempted to get them! Self control was in check, so “Phew!”

After the brief window shopping we girls made, we wanted to just chill and hang out for merienda. Since we were passing by Pottery Barn at High Street, I suggested we pass by to see if Marky was there.


And waddya know?! He was there! Should’ve seen the look on his face, he was so surprised and I can tell he was so happy to see us there.

He took a short break from work and hang out with us at Baskin Robbins while Lauren talked about her work dilemma.


My rum raisin ice cream was 119 pesos! Wow. There goes my diet.

October 27, 2014

Monday morning breakfast!


Photo taken by Bernice at 9th floor pantry, the usual place.

With my baby girl Lauren!

October 26, 2014

Sinfully rich chocolate cake. #notsosinful


From café Ti Amo at Greenbelt 1. It even has a Christmas deco and feel to it! Green leaf with red berries :). I say its not so sinful because it was hard as rock! Couldn’t even spoon it nicely to take a good bite size!

tsk tsk.. Was so disappointed that I didn’t even finish it. I think I had half of it and wanted to take out but their counter was so busy with people I decided to give up.


October 25, 2014

Meet Cherry Boom Boom. #justforfun #namingmygadget


Heyo~~!!! Haaaaaaaaave you met Cherry? Cherry Boom Boom!!! It just sounds so funny and cute. I’ve decided to name my new smartphone Cherry Boom Boom.

Yes, I am very very devastated that my iPhone 4S could not be serviced here in the Philippines. It would’ve only cost me 12K++ to get it replaced with a brand new or reconditioned exact model of what I have, but at least right? Problem would’ve been solved!

But nope, they won’t accept it because it was purchased under a Telco. Celcom to be exact. So I have to go back to Celcom to get it fixed or replaced.

See, when I bought the iPhone 2 years ago, in 2012, I didn’t know that Apple could replace my unit if it ever gets faulty. I was just too impatient and just had to get the iPhone unit already even if it meant getting from Celcom. (I tried Maxis at that time but they ran out of units).

So thats where I ended up here. I was going to get an Android phone anyway as a back up. Just didn’t expect my iPhone to leave me at the same time. I sure miss iPhone~~~~

ok, so I bought this Cherry Mobile Cosmos One model for 7k pesos (6,999 to be exact) and then an additional 2,600 pesos for the 64GB micro SD card for expandable memory storage. All in all, 9,599 pesos spent on this 5.5″ screen, with a white casing. Initially I went in the store, very sure that I was going to get the Omega XL model, and it turns out that they have phased out that model?? I wanted it cos it had a 6 inch screen!!! aaaawwwwwwww

So I had to look for other options, and so far, I was left with either the Cherry Mobile Apollo X or this Cosmos One. Big deal breaker? The processor. For just 1K difference, I was getting an Octo Core processor instead of a Quad Core. Pretty good deal eh?



Look at how BIG the screen is compared to the Blackberry Bold 9900!!

I must say, as much as I miss my iPhone apps, I do love love love this big screen! Still, I prefer Apple’s interface and OS. So much simpler and user friendly.

Here are the specs for the Cherry Boom Boom which I obviously just got from online reviews.

1.4Ghz MediaTek 6592m octa-core processor Mali-450MP GPU
1GB of RAM
5.5-inch HD IPS display with Corning Gorilla Glass 2
8GB of storage, expandable via microSD up to 64GB
14-megapixel BSI main camera with flash
8-megapixel front camera
WiFi, Bluetooth, Miracast, GPS, USB OTG
2400mAh battery
Android KitKat 4.4

So there goes my Birthday vacation/hotel stay I planned~ 😥

Guess this will have to do for an early Birthday gift for myself.