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July 31, 2014

Last day of July! Free merienda!


Nachos, burrito and cupcakes! I don’t usually enjoy nachos but these were very tasty! Loved the beans that came with the topping for the chips!

After work today, I took a ride with Mart on the way to QC as I needed to go to the Visa office to start processing my application. Got my payment ready and signed the retainer’s agreement. Also got a checklist of items that I needed to prepare and I also set a target date for myself to get all these papers and documents done and submitted before Aug 18. Mr Aranda is pretty confident it can be done before November. Well, if its God’s will, then it will happen.

I got out of their office pretty late. By the time I manage to get to the train station it was already 6:20pm. Arrived at Ayala Station about 10mins before 7pm and I hurriedly made my way to Greenbelt 1 running and panting cos I was afraid the Sun Cellular branch might’ve closed by then. Thank God I made it and managed to permanently disconnect the un useful Sun Cellular broadband service due to poor signal here in Taguig. It was quite a long wait, lots of people at the customer service counters but at least my transaction didn’t take too long.

Before heading home, I also passed by Landmark supermarket to get some toilet rolls and off to the shuttle terminal. It was my first time having to queue up such a long line at the shuttle and it took 3 trips before I got to ride on the shuttle. But it wasn’t too long of a wait. And I was still able to reach home a little after 9pm.

Phew! Loooong day but am excited that tomorrow is a new month! Time is passing by too fast but I am feeling some excitement for whats to come! ^_^

July 29, 2014

Instant noodles for lunch. #tipidmode


This was my lunch. Instant beef noodles soup, Vietnamese style. With added vienna chicken sausage and a few pieces of cabbage. Trying very hard not to go out and spend money these days and just eating whatever I have in the apartment. Kinda running low on the doodoos cos of all the money I been spending on planning for the future.

Thank You Lord for Public Holidays and rest days! Although I did spend a good 4 hours in the office from 9am until 1pm just to get 15 documents checked in, at least I won’t be left behind with so many back logs.

After getting home from work, it was a rainy day, had my lunch and then watched some old movies on my lappy top. Bad Boys II in continuation of yesterday’s Bad Boys theme. After so many years, I finally got myself to watch those Will Smith movie. Not bad really, despite it being an old movie, it was still able to crack me up in some parts!

After that I watched a very low budget B grade movie called “So this is Christmas” but I saw a really cute, low profile actor named Justinh Avery but there doesn’t seem to be much stories about him online. I chose that movie since I didn’t want to go for another action packed movie like Bad Boys style.

After that movie, it was still too early in the day, so I figured one last movie before I called it a night, and watched The Notebook again. Oh how I miss watching Ryan Gosling and his dreamy eyes!

And now, back to reality! Work again tomorrow! August is coming very soon!

July 28, 2014

Bad Boys (1995)


Finally found the time to watch this movie! Its a lazy Monday today and also Jeans day because tomorrow is Hari Raya and I’m lucky we even have at least 1 day of Public Holiday.

After work, I figured I should watch a movie since I haven’t been watching any on my laptop lately. Seeing how this movie has been in my harddrive for a while, I figured I should watch it already.

I didn’t realise Tea Leoni used to be hot! Now I don’t hear anything about her anymore. The movie was pretty good for a 1995 production given how computers were just getting more commercial with the home pc and technology was rather new to the laymen. Lots of explosives, lots of gun shots flying around. Definitely a man’s movie.

I enjoyed it though. Even the jokes crack me up. Lots of foul cussing though and it made me realize it was that early back in the past that movies were already promoting cussing to the highest level!

July 27, 2014

KFC Breakfast Buffet! #firsttimer #bonding


All the way at Eastwood’s KFC! Php199 for unlimited breakfast choices of scrambled eggs, sausages, tocino, garlic rice, hash browns, arroz caldo, chicken fillet and pancakes! Plus 30pesos for unlimited drinks! Not bad! Truly my first time to experience such a deal from fast food chains!

Look at my plate full of scrambled eggs and chicken fillet! Topped with 3 hash browns and a bit of sausage bites! The sausages tasted awful though.


With the people who are brave enough to wake up early for a good deal of breakfast and a comfy bonding session.


Marky, Miggy, Denise, Rachelle, Kath, Mara and I.

July 26, 2014

Stir Fried Cabbage with Egg. #notacook




Being the rare cook that I am, I was really craving cabbage and so I told myself I had to cook this time. So there it goes!

July 26, 2014

The Loom Band Fever.



Nope, I didn’t catch this fever. My nieces did.

I don’t understand whats so fashionable about these bands? I just don’t get it! And personally I don’t think its trendy at all. Its creative, yes; but its nothing amusing or something that I’d be screaming and be so excited about. Tsk. I’m such a party pooper aren’t I?

Well, I had to buy some of these loom bands here because it was not easy to find purple and red loom bands back in KK supposedly. And since my nieces has a very loving, generous and “cool” (albeit not much into the loom band fad) aunt, I made the effort to get these girls their current craze.

The tool kits with some bands along were only 100 pesos per box. Its the rubber bands that are kinda pricey at 35pesos per 150 bands in a pack.

And to top it all off, I have to pay an extra 1,700++ pesos worth of shipping fee. Tsk.

Check out some of the loom bands my nieces + my sister made:


July 26, 2014

Baby Shower Party! #bulinggittan #babyboytan #malapitna


Above photo, message cards for guests to write their personal notes to the coming baby boy ^_^


I think this is the first ever baby shower party I have attended. It was so much fun! Such an honor to be invited by the really cool parents-to-be, Ina and Edson.

The theme of the Party was “Cowboy” so naturally, you are expected to wear something resembling the wild wild west. I totally forgot the theme as I remembered I wanted to wear my red checkered shirt. Tsk! It just becomes so natural to me now to want to dress up in something practical and comfortable since I would be commuting and be drenched in sweat from all the walking!

Anyway, I got to the venue right on the dot. At 9:45am I was one of the first guests to arrive as the hosts, Ate Ched, Sunshine and one of Ina’s friends, Ate Meier was setting up the place. Simple and yet elegant and really well done on the props, and setup of the ambiance. It was creatively and elegantly planned.

The program started with an on-running game, where we were each given 2 cloths pin attached to us. The objective of the game was to collect as much cloths pin as possible (from others). The rule was, to avoid saying the taboo words or do the taboo actions. Taboo word was “baby” and taboo action was to cross ones leg, or arms, or any action that would resemble an “X”.

It was really funny to see Ina’s friends from the Fort and some from Makati as they try to outwit each other and take each other’s pin from the other. Lots of fun and laughter with Ina’s group of friends. That’s whats so inspiring about Ina. The glow that she naturally has around people and of course, she’s really funny and witty. The little boy is gonna be so proud to have really cool parents!

We had 3 games arranged, and we were divided into 3 groups. I was in group 3 with Ina, her dad, and another friend of hers. First game was an individual challenge. Where we were given a piece of paper with Edson and Ina’s name typed on them. And we were asked to come up with a boy’s name using the letters from both Edson and Ina’s names. I came up with the name “Dean” which is actually my brother’s name and I always liked his name which I don’t find many people have as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one who was familiar with the name “Dean” as this other guy, Ray, from group 2 also chose that name. And Ina and Edson had to choose which of the names the guests came up with is their favorite. And both Ray and I won! And how cool is this party? Even the guests get to win prizes! Free doughnut for me!


2nd game was more for Edson and Ina, and the guests just sit around and be entertained by the two of them. It’s like watching a game show literally. Both Edson and Ina had to answer the same questions given by the host, and if their answers don’t match, the consequence would be to kiss publicly for 9 seconds. Well, its not like they don’t enjoy PDA right? So much for “consequences”! But it was fun watching their musings and how much they know each other. It also gave a chance for the rest of us to know them both as a couple from the questions they answered.



And last but not least, the most anticipated game for the event! Guessing the baby’s name, in wheel of fortune style! But you only get to pick or call a letter, when you get to bring the required item that the hosts asks for. Like, bring the cleanest elbow! I won that round for the team! And also bring 11 pesos in 1 peso coins to the host. Our team got that too! And Gogo managed to solve the name after most of it was already on the board. HeLLo baby KALIL MONROE!


Just before we ended the program, I was asked to pray for the couple and the baby before we leave and end the event. I always get really nervous when I am asked to pray for in front of a large crowd or audience. I usually don’t say no, even if I don’t feel like it, cos its kinda embarrassing as well since we’re all adults. So I pray a quick prayer inside my heart and ask the Holy Spirit to help me make a good prayer for the couple! >.<

It was fun, I enjoyed myself, though I didn’t do a lot of talking. As I usually get shy in a large group setting and don’t know how to socialize very well with large groups. I still had a good time 🙂

Its definitely one for the books!

Groupie shot!


L-R : Sunshine (with the annoying toy gun), Gogo, Ate Ched, Arjay, Edson + Ina, Moira, Rach, B and yours truly.



July 25, 2014

Movie and Pizza night! #workmates #bonding


Watched the 4:30pm show of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes at Glorietta 4 with my favorite people, the officemates! Very last minute and spontaneous move as Lauren was being rather bipolar on whether the plan was still game or not. We finally made it to watch the movie after all. And I got my ticket for free cos I used 220 of my Globe reward points! Woohoo! Well, 218 to be exact since they deducted 2 pesos from me just for that transaction of transferring the points =.=

I thought the movie was rather corny. But then again, I can’t judge or compare it as I didn’t watch the last one with James Franco in it. Overall I thought it was quite predictable and there were moments where I got really nervous and wished the characters would be really careful not to get caught!

So after the movie ended, marky and I went ahead to SM Makati as I needed to check out the Gift Registry and get a baby shower gift for a party tomorrow. So last minute of me, but yay to the registry! It saved me lots of time from finding and looking around for gifts and they even come with 10% discount and free wrapping service! S cool oh! Very convenient indeed.

After that, Marky wanted me to accompany him around the mall to shop for a black polo shirt, while Lauren, Mack, Carl and Patrick went around to look for a place to dine and also to wait until Ralph comes to join us. Of course, Marky didn’t end up buying anything as he normally doesn’t in these situations and so we got to Veneta Pizza Restaurant around just before 8pm when the rest of them had went ahead to order and eat.

Its been a while since we went out for bonding like this and it was just as well cos today was payday and a Friday!


July 25, 2014

R came to visit us and have breaky!



With the AM peeps at McDonald’s Venice Piazza for Friday breakfast out and a friendly visit from Ralph who left our team in May! We missed you Ralph!

July 24, 2014

First Bible Study in a company! #factset #itsmorefuninthephilippines

I just attended my very first bible study group that is held in my own company! How cool is that!

God is definitely doing something in Factset. Tina invited me yesterday and told me about this bible study group they were organizing. Its at the other Factset location at the Science Hub building. About a 5 minute walk away from my office building at the CIP. The bible group study was scheduled from 3pm-4pm so I went straight to the other building after my shift.

There were at least 10 of us in the group, including 2 men. The girl who lead the group and shared the word today was Dae. I’m not sure from which church she comes from as we didn’t go into detail of our personal lives. We did only have 1 hour for the meeting room reservation.

She shared the word starting from Jeremiah 29:10-14. She also spoke of the background leading to that verse where the 3 strikes happened before you’re OUT (metaphor). So it was during Jehoiakim, Jehoichin and then I couldn’t recall the last one. But that was the reign of the Kings that Jeremiah kept pleading the Israelites to repent.

And she also shared about God’s “refinement” and that through that verse, we know that God is in control, He is faithful, and He has good plans for us.

It was a brief and a very good start to a weekly habit of sharing the word within believers in the office and of course to our non-believing friends too. I hope to be able to invite my teammates to this bible study soon.

I wish I had taken photos!!! Just got so excited and I forgot about documenting the moment again. Anyway, hope I’ll be able to get a photo next week ^_^

I’m so amazed at how this is made possible. God You are truly amazing!