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June 30, 2014

A piece of my past. #onceuponatime #adecadeago #sweet




A candle wax of Az’s and my hand.. 10 years ago in Sunway lagoon.. How time flies..

June 30, 2014

BKT with the fambam. #bahkutteh #dinner #noplacelikehome



Just my sister and her family + mom and I for this dinner. Bro and fam is away in Tawau for 2 nights so guess we’ll just have to go ahead and enjoy the Bah Kut Teh without them. XD

Day 4 in KTown, I got quite a bit of things done already. In the morning I had to do some errands like sending my grandma off to the hospital for her monthly physiotherapy. Then on to pay for the Cukai Kadaran (in English..??) for the house at Damai Payment booth.

Then chillaxed a bit at home, dug up all my boxes in the store room. Something I like doing every time I get to come home. I like to look back at the things from my past and in that moment somehow it brings me back to the past and what I was like back then. It wasn’t easy getting all that boxes out from the store room cos my mom stuffed it all and squeezed them real deep into the store room. I was drenched in sweat by the time I was done moving all those boxes out and transferring other heavy boxes in. Can’t believe my mom managed to do all this on her own?!

In the afternoon I spent some alone time at the Wisma Merdeka mall and looked around to see if there is anything new there. It was rather quiet, not many people and the food court at the 3rd floor is no longer there. I didn’t even bothered to have lunch since I was alone, and I figured we’d be getting dinner at Yu Kee’s Bah Kut Teh so I just saved my stomach space for later and opted for some beancurd, fruits and a barley drink.

If I blink my eyes just a few more times, its gonna be Saturday already and I would have to leave by then! X(  Too soon too soon..

June 29, 2014

Yellow wine (黄酒) sleep aide. #homemade



A bit of yellow wine before going to bed. This bottle was personally made by my aunt 绣英. My mom reckons I should just drink it as is instead of cooking it with chicken. Apparently it helps with ladies who are in their menstruation and also helps you to sleep better.

Ok then! Here goes!

June 29, 2014

Jogging beside the coastline! #beautiful #kk


Distance: 5Km
Time: 35:37 mins
Calories : 293 cal

Beautiful view and awesome breeze to cool the sweat! I really enjoyed running on the tracks made specially for the joggers and shared with bicycle riders too.


The only downside to it, is that you could see lots of trash along the coast, and of course, some parts of the sea actually smells horrifying and I suppose it was because it was also where the drainage is connected to.

I also tried out “penny” boarding, its the trend in the young teenagers nowadays. And I borrowed my teenage nieces’ penny board and gave it a go. The penny board can only carry a max of 80kg, and good thing I only weigh 56Kg max now. Hehehehehe. It was alright, I managed to balance myself at some point. But I think I’d choose roller blades over penny boards anytime!



Photo below with the fambam (and 2 of Danica’s bffs) taking a break near Anjung Selera before heading home!


June 28, 2014

Chillin’ and hangin’ at home.


With the fambam in the living room.

June 28, 2014

To the Kampungs we go!


Riding in my sister’s family car with sis in law Nonie and her kids. So in the ride with all the ladies in da haus!

June 28, 2014

Thanks for homecooked breakfast mom!



I love how my mom knows I never say no to toasted bread with sunny side eggs. Yum…

June 27, 2014




My brother and his family is also here!! Yay! All my nieces complete!!

June 27, 2014

Brunch with mom at Beaufort Restaurant!




Yay I miss this fried noodles with lots of veggies!

June 27, 2014

Renewed my driving license!

RM30 per year’s renewal. Got mine renewed for 5 years, worth RM150. Was surprised to find that they had totally changed it to a new card system instead of the previously laminated paper. Yay!

Good thing I had a copy of a portrait photo with white background taken in 2009 back in Manila. It was part of the requirements for the license renewal. My mom kept saying I looked like a Filipina in this photo.


Out with the old in with the new!