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May 31, 2014

Ristorante delle Mítre : the Wongs in Manila day 3!




Trying out this very much raved place for the very first time!

Getting myself a Pinoy breakfast to encourage my family to get in on experiencing Manila at its gastronomic core.


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May 30, 2014

168 Mall-ing and shopping!




A monopod, 230 pesos, wide lens for iphone, 330 pesos, Nike work out shirt, 75 pesos!

May 30, 2014

The Wong’s in Manila : Day 2, Rizal Park!


With Belle tagging along! Behind us, the Rizal Monument.

After a looong day of shopping, we finally ended our shopping escapade at Lucky Chinatown Mall and had dinner at Gerry’s Grill. I didn’t like it there though, the serving was too little for such a price, but it was the next best Pinoy food while others were all Chinese or Fast foods in the mall!


May 29, 2014

The Wongs in Manila, day 1. #family #vacation



Pick up at 5:15am, checked in to condo at 6am. Started the day at 11:30am.

First up in the agenda was to watch Maleficent in 4DX, then went for late lunch/early dinner around 4:30pm at IHOP right after a drop by at the BDO bank to deposit the payment for the Condo and Car + driver rentals.

After IHOP, we walked along Bonifacio Highstreet and then made a stop at Fully Booked and Chez Karine for Macarons!

Onwards to Market Market and get the girls their Penny Boards. We got 4 penny boards and the lady was only able to give us very little discount according to my standards! Paid 1.7k for the printed boards and 1,250 for the Plain boards. I still don’t understand the fad these girls have with these Penny Boards but oh well.

By the time we finish getting the boards, it was already 8:30pm! Quickly headed to SM Aura (which we didn’t even go around anywhere else in Market Market except the Canggih for the boards!) and Danica went on to shop at Forever 21.

While they were shopping, I tried to contact the driver at that time as it was the time we agreed to be picked up. But the driver could not be reached! It was quite the horror as I didn’t know what else to do. The worst case scenario came to mind was that I’d have to get us a cab back to the condo!

I started praying, texted the boss of the driver that I wasn’t able to reach his driver, and he texted back suggesting that I ask the security guards in the mall to page him. Even at that time I kept trying to call him but still his phone was out of reach. And after about 45 minutes of waiting, finally I was able to reach his number and he picked me up from the drop off section. He explained that he didn’t parked at SM Aura and instead parked at Market Market. He also said his phone fell out and he didn’t realise it which was why we weren’t able to reach him.

Anyway, at least we were able to get back to the condo safely. And I did also got him 2 pcs chicken from KFC for dinner. Poor guy had to wait for us for so long and hasn’t had any food yet!

Thank You Lord for a good day 1 of vacation, for keeping us safe and helping us reach the driver!

May 29, 2014

Maleficent with the Wongs! Manila Day 1.




With my sister and her family here in BGC Cinemas! First time to try 4DX!

The cinema is relatively new, it just opened in April 30. I am so glad I got to experience a new mall with my sister and her family. And to watch a Disney Classic Movie at that! The full on 4DX had smell, sounds and movement experience getting you to feel like you are actually IN the movie itself! I absolutely loved the twist to the story and I would rate it a 4 / 5 star just because I love watching Angelina Jolie! hehehehehe

Paid for 450 pesos each ticket and I am glad Chloe made the height limit! Only Children at least 3.5 meters tall were allowed in the 4DX cinema! Phew!


Our day 1 Manila Vacation kicks off with that movie, then jalan-jalan (or pasyal-pasyal) at Bonifacio High Street on our way to iHop! Had a super late lunch there, and we also passed by Chez Karine and got a taste of the Macarons, then onward to Market Market to get the girls’ Penny Boards!

We got a total of 4 Penny Boards and the sales lady still couldn’t give me anything lower than 1.7K for each patterned board. Tsk. But oh well, at least it was a marked down price (so she says) from 2500, to 1800 pesos.

By the time we finished at Market Market, it was already about 8pm and we didn’t even go around to any other shops within Market Market! Off we go to SM Aura for the next shopping destination as Danica really wanted to experience Forever 21 shopping as we didn’t have them back home.

I on the other hand, opted to get the Penny Boards to the car but guess what, I couldn’t reach the driver at that time! His phone was out and I had no way of reaching or contacting him! I was in the verge of thinking of the worst case scenario, which was to grab a cab for all of us to get back to the Unit 2508 Makati Executive Tower 2 condo which we were staying in. But thank God, I was able to ask the owner to help and he suggested that I page the driver from SM Aura security guards and they noticed the car was driving around the drop off point. So after much hassle, I finally managed to reach him through his phone anyway.

Our night ended really late, got to the condo about almost 11pm. And we still had a whole day schedule the next day. Despite the very rushed planning, and last minute plans, I was really happy to be spending time with them here in Manila, finally after 6 years!

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May 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Carlito!


Carl is officially 24 today! More power and blessings to your career dude!

May 27, 2014

Heavy Breakfast and a happy tummy!


New concessionaires in the pantries! I checked out the 14th floor pantry this morning although I didn’t want to eat rice, the food they were serving just tempted me to eat rice! Bangus served with side dish of salted egg and tomatoes. I even ordered the Japanese siomai, it costs 30 pesos for 4 pieces. The bangus with salted egg, tomato and rice was 70 pesos. Not too bad I’d say.. Still value for money for a big piece of bangus!

With my AM breakfast team! Looking quite satisfied with the new concessionaire here in the 9th floor too!


May 25, 2014

And its a wrap! #farewellbeach #cantwaittoleavetheheatandsand


Group photo! Till next Team Building!

May 25, 2014

Good morning Beach!


I slept so early last night i didn’t get to do much. Truthfully speaking I just couldn’t wait to get the day over and done with. Thing about a getaway its suppose to be quiet and peaceful. But when you’re at a place full of other crowds it just doesn’t feel as intimate and cozy anymore.

So I opted to just sleep and rest so I can enjoy the view and beauty of this place early this morning.. ^_^

But once again, this place disappoints me with these kind of inconsiderate acts. Open fire burning early in the morning just ruined the fresh air.


What is wrong with these people?? Why have a resort and claim to love nature when all they do is ruin it??! Tsk!!!

May 24, 2014

At the Beach! ☀️🏊




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