Chocolate Fire. #firstimer #chocolate #finedining #solo


I really wanted Chocolate. And this was how bad I wanted it. To the point where I ended up in a Place called The Chocolate Fire! They don’t serve a lot of real food I think, and it is kinda pricey but the menu does have a few more other pasta and sandwich varieties.

Still waiting on my Cheese and Tomato fingers and the Banana with Belgian Chocolate Dip!

OMG, can’t believe I never made this myself at home! This costs 40pesos just for 1 banana and 160pesos for the chocolate melt!


Love the simple tomato slice topped with cheese on bread. So simple yet very delish!


Gotta have a selfie with the food!


Was also very amused by the ladies and gents little room. So subtle yet funky!


I just have to say, the Banana with Chocolate totally got my cravings covered. It was EXACTLY what my period craving needed! Chocolate that is melting and liquid-y oooozing with cocoa goodness! And the banana fruit just made it even better as oppose to say, cake or even waffles! Healthy yet sinful at the same time! Lol!


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