My Heartbreak πŸ’” Survival Kit care of @keribelles.


I am very blessed to be a part of a spiritual family that loves me and helps and supports me especially when I am feeling very down and unloved.


Belle came by in the evening to give me this heartbreak survival kit which is my first time ever to receive such a wonderful comfort in a box.

Comes with box of tissue to wipe my tears away, band aid to mend the broken heart, coffee in a sachet for warmth and comfort, a music cd with songs that uplifts me and picks me up. Also has chocolates to keep me sane, photos of people who loves me, but most of all, scriptures and words of encouragement from the word of God that will be the food to my soul especially a very downcast soul right now..

And a specially painted card with a lovely message inside that teared me up πŸ˜‚



Despite the hurt and pains, thank You Lord for bringing Angels in my life to surround me and always remind me You are watching over me and You will never abandon nor forsake me.


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