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January 25, 2014

Victory Makati Volunteers Appreciation Day! #enchantedkingdom #firsttimer #themepark #spiritualfamilies


Finally stepped foot in the much talked about Enchanted Kingdom theme park out here somewhere nearby Santa Rosa. About an hour or an hour and a half away from Makati. I was riding in bus no.1 with my music ministry team and sat beside Marie. After reaching the destination, met up with my other vgroup members and also spent the day bonding with them.

This was our itinerary of the day’s journey,

Food court
Rialto Theater
Ride 1, ferris wheel – wheel of fate
Ride 2, flying fiesta
Ride 3, rio grande rapids
Ride 4, disk o magic
Food court
Ride 5, Swan lake
Ride 6, extreme tower
Ride 7, space shuttle roller coaster

Here’s the 250 pesos photo shot we had to buy from the booth since they couldnt get a photo for us. Belle and I just before the take off!


Paid 75 pesos for locker, we got 150pesos complimentary wizard money. There was no wifi there or even 3G signal.

Lines took about an hour or more before we get just 2 or 3 mins of adrenaline pump!

January 25, 2014

In the bus on the way to Enchanted Kingdom! #victorymakati #volunteers #firsttimer


Onwards to Enchanted Kingdom!! I am quietly excited as this is my first time to go there. A very hyped up Amusement Park that after hearing about it for the past 5 years of living in the PH, I finally get to go there!

The big bus we ride in is awesome. Its got big leg space, and wide tv, and its so fancy that its even got chandeliers for lighting!