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January 24, 2014

My Sun Broadband is failing me. 😔😞 #depressed #cantlivewithoutinternet


This has not been working for the whole day. I have no idea why. The signal is there but its not getting any data. I hope its just because I’m late on my fees and not a machine defect! Else I might just have to get a new one! More expenses! So sad.

Update : Jan 28, finally it started working. I did check it with the Suncellular customer service and apparently my payment didnt go through yet for last Friday so my line was cut off. First time ever to happen to me. Was pretty upset about it too. So I made another 1K advance payment just to make sure this no longer happens in the future cos its such a hassle to reactivate the line once its been disabled. It took me almost 5 days before I got connected again!

January 24, 2014

I want you to burn~ #namethatsong #workout #treadmill


20 mins and I burned 130 calories! This was already my second 20mins. Forgot to take a shot of the other treadmill that I stopped on.

Gonna try the dance aerobics and zumba tonight! Now my Fridays can be filled with workouts instead of movies! Yehey!

January 24, 2014

Thank You Lord for this kind man willing to help R with his flat tyre! 🙏


Poor R got a flat tyre just when we were about to ride with him to Glorietta 4. But God is good! And got a kind man to help him out since he has no idea how to change the flat himself.