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January 23, 2014

Let’s try Yoga! #flexibility #notayogaperson


I kinda didn’t plan on Yoga today but since I was already at the gym, I figures I could burn more calories in joining whatever programs they had there while I still had the energy to do so. And the Yoga instructor apparently started with “this is a POWERYOGA class” which I almost felt faint at just the word POWER! But I loved a good challenge and went with it anyway.

She kept mentioning the words “core” and “breathe” and “lengthening your lower back” which I wasn’t sure if I actually did it right. But it was a lot of planking like a push up and my wrist was so strained at the end of the class cos it has to carry my 60kg weight!!


Here’s the young and beautiful yoga instructor that demonstrated a pose she wants us to try while the rest of us looked on and observed.

Not sure if I’ll be keen on another class but I think its really good for stretching but very bad for my wrist unless I lose some of my excess baggage! 😣

January 23, 2014

Little by little. #workout #calories #treadmill


I know its not much. And I just burned 44 calories in 11 mins ( out of 5 which was a warm up walk). It sucks that I had to stop cos theres a reserved equipment system here. Will just continue the rest of the 30 mins on another machine.


Another 23 mins on the treadmill and burnt 131 calories! When I continued my previous 11 mins with 44 calories, I added 18 mins to that and burnt 82 calories. So I think I burned at least 257 calories just on the treadmill alone and not including my weights training I did with trainer Marvin. Not bad, not bad at all.

And I find myself enjoying the treadmill a lot especially when I get to watch all my favorite shows on telly! Now I have a very good motivation to run on the treadmill while watching shows that I hardly get to watch anymore ^_^ 📺