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January 13, 2014

The Dirt on Dating by Hayley DiMarco. 📔📖


I have had this book since April 7, 2013 and still didn’t manage to find time to even start! I can’t promise I would finish it in a matter of days but I’ll try though. Here are some points of highlights for me before continuing on.

Get autonomous. Don’t go from your parents’ home to your married home. You can’t be truly who you are till you are your own person, and you do that on your own.

Thats so true! More highlights to come!


Never use flirting in the following situations : when he/she is way too old for you

Hmm.. Now how do we define “Old” here…


Don’t chase him more than he’s chasing you

You got that right, gurl!

January 13, 2014

Childhood Breakfast Memories. #craving #milo #jacobscrackers


Jacobs crackers dipped in milo! Love love ! The kind of simple home food that we can do just at home growing up.

Back to Pantry breakfast with the team after a week! ❤️