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January 11, 2014

Congrats Coi & Cynthia! #newlyweds #couple #love


At the wedding party located at Galang residence. Cozy and comfy, just the right size of venue for a small but memorable wedding!

Cheers to the couple!


I got to the party pretty late, it was already 9:40pm when I arrived. The party started about 6 or 7pm. Everyone had finished their dinner and was dancing and just chilling when I got there.

Here’s the souvenir the couple gave out to guests. Apparently we can’t get this anywhere here as the couple brought them all the way from California. Barefoot Moscato white wine in small bottles. Nice!


The Galangs also hired a photobooth for the event and they were already preparing to pack up and leave by the time I got there so good thing I managed to snag at least 1 go with Mikhail!


Lovely celebration of a lifelong journey together for the couple! May God richly bless their marriage and hope the gift I got them will help them in their life as husband and wife too 😉

January 11, 2014

Big Tent Worship Night! #happeningnow


January 11, 2014

Happening in 3 hours! #bigtentph


Preparing to worship Jesus at AIM 4th floor. No Walls, No Boundaries, Just JESUS!

January 11, 2014

A compliment from a stranger.


While in the bookstore cashier paying for a gift I got for a couple’s wedding, a man asked me if he could have a look at my wrist watch.

And he was showing his teenage son and pointing the watch to him and said it looked really nice.

Aaaawww… Glad to know my timepiece fashion sense was appreciated! And all this while I thought my Crocodile watch was much too plain and simple to be noticed by anyone. ^_^

I don’t recall the exact date I bought this watch but I think I still have the watch box with me somewhere and I hope my receipt is still in there. Anyway, it was the closest one that had similar traits and looks like my previous FX Creations watch that I mentioned in my blog entry here. But I’m pretty sure its been with me for at least 2 years now. Lets see if I can search for that box and receipt again on my next trip back to KTown.

January 11, 2014

Breaking the 5 days fast over salad and pumpkin soup! #glorytoGod 🙏


Taking it slow and don’t wanna shock the stomach after 5 days of no food. Bought Salad from Landmark Supermarket and it comes with Honey Mustard dressing. The salad consists of corn, cheese, shredded pieces of chicken breast and also a tomato. I personally thought the vegetables and the other ingredients were not proportionate. There was too much lettuce and not enough corn, cheese and chicken to combine them evenly. And the tomato was too big. They could’ve used cherry tomatoes instead. And that whole package cost 170pesos!

On the other hand, I loved the pumpkin soup though its slightly saltier than I’d prefer. But for 45 pesos thats not bad.