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January 31, 2014

马年吉祥~ 新年快乐~


Google’s search page celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year. Year of the HORSE~!

It’s gonna be a quiet one for me this year. Don’t even have any Ang Paos.. boo hoo.. But I think I heard a bit of fire crackers this last night after midnight. Not sure.

Anyway, here’s to wishing everyone back home where the celebrations are high and filled with food, reunions and fellowships :


I didn’t do much on this Public Holiday. I spent all day in front of the laptop and surfing online randomly. Also searched in my photo archive and found some photos and captured events that were not recorded into my blog and so I made some post dated entries.

Headed to music practice at 3pm for Discipleship Event tomorrow. Here’s a shot taken from Isa Fabregas’s instagram, thats me with my glasses and grey cardigan in between Dust and Kiko.


It sure is nice to be part of the picture rather than always be the one behind the camera! Ehehehehe

Practice was finished by 5:30pm, and since I only had Chocolates and Cheese slices for lunch. I was kinda hungry. I wasn’t sure if Peace and Happiness would be open since the owners are Chinese, but yay to me, they were open for business!


So thats my Chinese New Year 年初一 dinner! 小龙包 and some herbal drink in a can. There were some China men and ladies on the table next to me and they ordered 菜肉包 a.k.a Baozi and I didn’t see the food served to them but I figured when you say “veggies,meat and pao” together, I had the wrong impression that it would be a meat with vegetables wrapped kind of dish. So I got curious and ordered that too.

Boy was I ever so wrong.


All it was, was a bun like a regular siopao with Meat and vegetable mashed inside. Tsk. And I thought what was so special about it that the China men/ladies had to have them.

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January 30, 2014

First Victory group Bible study for 2014! #itsmorefuninavictorygroup


With Margy, Belle, Jhwen and new friend, Myra at KFC Dela Rosa.

I walked from The Zone badminton court all the way to KFC since its the long weekend due to Chinese New Year special holiday tomorrow. Interesting fact though cos it wasn’t a public holiday during Chinese New Year last year! So all the roads were busy, there was traffic everywhere and even though I was already running late, I couldn’t take a cab or jeep to shorten the distance as it was traffic everywhere and i couldn’t even manage to get a ride if i wanted to.

January 30, 2014

Tagging along with the badminton competitors. #activelifestyle #longweekend


Here at The Zone Makati along Malugay Street. Feeling a bit out of place but oh well. With Myssa, Carl, Lauren and Mart. Badminton is really not my thing, but any activity would be good to get my mind off my broken heart at this point. Also, its a plus for calorie burning too. Since they were practicing for the upcoming company Sports fest, I thought i could just tag along with them even if I won’t be competing.

Some action shots of me while playing against Lau,




I just noticed that as much as good reviews and people raving about my Lumix camera, I find that it doesn’t take a very good action shot. It still gets blurred most of the time. Hoping some day I can upgrade to a better or more updated version.


Love my teammates!

January 29, 2014

My Heartbreak 💔 Survival Kit care of @keribelles.


I am very blessed to be a part of a spiritual family that loves me and helps and supports me especially when I am feeling very down and unloved.


Belle came by in the evening to give me this heartbreak survival kit which is my first time ever to receive such a wonderful comfort in a box.

Comes with box of tissue to wipe my tears away, band aid to mend the broken heart, coffee in a sachet for warmth and comfort, a music cd with songs that uplifts me and picks me up. Also has chocolates to keep me sane, photos of people who loves me, but most of all, scriptures and words of encouragement from the word of God that will be the food to my soul especially a very downcast soul right now..

And a specially painted card with a lovely message inside that teared me up 😂



Despite the hurt and pains, thank You Lord for bringing Angels in my life to surround me and always remind me You are watching over me and You will never abandon nor forsake me.

January 29, 2014

On Repeat : Rebuild Me (Remix) – J.Moss

Sometimes I’m cold
Sometimes I’m hot
Sometimes I’m prayerful
Other times I’m not

Sometimes I feel like giving up, yeah
Sometimes my faith, feels used up
And every time I get in a bind
I know You’re there
Send up this real simple prayer

Rebuild me
I said rebuild me (yeah)
I said rebuild me
Rebuild me

We’re gonna make mistakes
And have a price to pay
But I ain’t ever seen a perfect man
Just people saved by grace
You never make everybody happy
God in heaven has the last say
Bruises and blemishes everywhere
Just remember this little prayer

And rebuild me
And rebuild me
Said rebuild me (don’t forget about me)
Just rebuild me

For the broken rebuild me
For the damaged rebuild me
For the bruised rebuild me
For the hurt rebuild me
Everybody say rebuild me (rebuild me)
From your heart say rebuild me (rebuild me)
From your soul rebuild me (rebuild me)
I know it hurts but say rebuild me (rebuild me)
Listen, listen, it’s not over say rebuild me (rebuild me)
There’s a renewing in the air, rebuild me (rebuild me)
It’s never too late for God to rebuild me (rebuild me)
Everything that I’ve done wrong, rebuild me (Father)
I’m standing with all I know, rebuild me
With nowhere else to go, rebuild me
I’m standing in need of prayer, rebuild me
If You hear me Lord, let me know you’re there, rebuild me
Come and fix me, rebuild me
Fix me, rebuild me
If You don’t do it won’t be done, rebuild me
Forgive me for what I’ve done, rebuild me


Rebuild me Lord, heal my broken heart…

…. in Jesus name, Amen.

January 29, 2014

Obedience to Christ.


Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. (Romans 12:1 NIV)

January 28, 2014

Scripture Keychain. Thanks @fransdublin ! 😘 #baguio #souvenirs #pasalubong


He answered, “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ” (Luke 10:27 NIV)

Colleagues like Frans are blessings from God. Much love!

January 28, 2014

Its over and done. 😔

Its been a while since I felt heart broken. It is painful, heavy and suffocating.

I keep telling myself I should be strong, I don’t need non lasting love and promises of affection that can be broken in seconds. Yet I keep falling for it. Over and over again I try to guard my heart but as the word says,

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? (Jeremiah 17:9 NIV)

Your mind tells you, you know better, you know whats right, and you know its for the best. But the heart just burns. I am a lovefool. Couldn’t help not thinking about him. Couldn’t help not hearing from him. Took all of my might and will to stop myself from giving in and showing how desperate I was for attention and affection. In the end thats the weakness in me. No matter how I try to be wise about it, it always gets the best of me and I end up learning my lessons the hard way.

I thought that this was it, if it was God’s will, he would persevere. He would press on, LOVE never fails right? I thought he was a changed person, I thought I had inspired him to be a better person and stay a better person. But that just goes to show that I was too naive to take credit for what only the Almighty God can do. To renew a person’s mind, and transform their hearts. Only God can do that.

😞 its painful Lord, it hurts, I wish I didn’t have to go through it the hard way. But I guess in a way, my prayer was answered. If it was up to me, I would never let go..

Heal me Lord.. 😞

January 27, 2014

How come you don’t call me – Alicia Keys

But all I wanna know is baby
If what we had was good…

I keep your picture beside my bed (mmm)
And I still remember everything you said (mmm)
I always thought our love was so right I guess I was wrong
Always thought you’d be by my side papa now you’re gone

What I wanna know baby
If what we had was good
How come you don’t call me anymore

Still light the fire on a rainy night
Still like it better when your holding me tight
Everybody said
Everybody said that we should never part (mmm)
Tell me baby baby baby why
Why you wanna go and break my heart

All I wanna know is baby
If what we had was good
How come you don’t call me anymore

Sometimes it feels like I’m gonna die
If you don’t call me Papa
Oh you gotta try

I’ll get down on my knees
Hoping you please please please
Oooh won’t you call me sometime Papa

Why on earth
Can’t you just pick up the phone
You know I don’t like to be alone

How come you don’t call me
(why must you torture me)
How come you don’t call me

Good night, my aching heart… 😔

January 27, 2014

Because its Mandarin Monday. #chinesemovie #policestory2013 #jackiechan


Since I couldn’t work out today due to my “aunty visit” , plus the Monday blues, I thought I should entertain myself for the day.

And because it was Mandarin Monday ”中文星期一” or “华文星期一” whichever tickles your fancy, I chose a Chinese movie! Its been a while since I watched a Chinese movie, especially one by Jackie Chan. Lets hope this would be a good run for my 200 pesos.

At the start of the movie I almost wanted to walk out of the cinema. I could not believe they didn’t play the original voices for this movie. I could not believe it when I started hearing a British accent coming out of a Chinese bouncer in the movie. It was downhill right from the start. Subtitles!!!!! Why couldn’t they just use it???!!!

I held on. Just had to bear the weirdness of watching people’s mouth movie in one way but words coming out another. The whole movie was about hostages, and lots of flash backs. And not to mention slow motions in the fight scene. I definitely enjoyed Man of Tai Chi fight sequences more than this one. Although I do think this story was a more interesting one.

But Jackie didn’t go for the action humor move on this one. It was some pretty heavy and emotional movie this time.