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November 30, 2013

My new RED kicks. From Cotton On.


Got these from Cotton On SM Aura branch. Worth Php 600! Its a 2 for 1200 buy and Marky got the other 600 for the same kicks but in Black and size 41. Hahaha. I think for just 1 pair, it would cost a little over 700 pesos. And now I get to wear this for our dance number! Yay!


November 30, 2013

Bonding with @halauween and @mxacol before Dance practice! 🍜


At McKinley Hill’s Pho Hoa!

November 30, 2013

My Buddies in the early morning run! #raceforLIFE #BeABuddyHelpSomeBuddy #raceforLIFE


With Mikhail, Margy and Gerald! 🏃
30 mins to the starting line!

November 29, 2013

Bon Chon for lunch! With the team ❤️


Ralph, Lauren, Grace, Frans, Marky and Gino! Friday lunch outs before our team meeting ^_^

November 28, 2013

The Bible App for the Kid in me! #excited #nolongerkids


I’m excited to read the Bible in its simplest form and from the view of Innocence! Also love the visuals that come along with it too! Kudos to Youversion cos this is one app I am looking forward to get my hands on. Brilliant! Just brilliant! 👍👍

November 28, 2013

Korean Style dinner with Marky and Lauren.


Kimbob’s at SM Makati Foodcourt!

After our dance practice today at the 6th floor after work, we left the office only around 5:30pm and hitched a ride with Mikhail going to Glorietta 4. From there, Marky, Lauren and I made our way to Slimmer’s World to use our Gift Certificate worth 1,500 given to us by Ralph.


Only Lau and I were able to utilize the gift certs for one session of 15minutes Diamond Peeling. I like to call it the face Vacuum! Its a device that just sucks all the dirt and dead skin cells off your face. A shot of the face vacuuming device.


While having my face vacuumed.


It was slightly different from the usual vacuuming I get from Let’s Face It because this vacuum seemed stronger and more thorough.

After the whole procedure, we had to listen to a good 15mins sales pitch by the skin care consultant, Nhess. The whole package she was offering for 40 sessions cost up to 15K or less after discounts!

Well, knowing how I hardly take care of my own skin and that package would only be a waste on me, I figured I wouldn’t want to get it anyway.

So off we go to SM Makati and did some window shopping at Forever 21. There was an amazing 4 day sale going on and almost all items were on Buy 1 take 1 free promo!!! We didn’t end up buying anything though. Marky did some make up shopping at SM after and I got a toner. And onwards to dinner to wait out the super traffic and congested city due to rush hour.

Its been a while since I hung out with my peeps from the office and was able to bond with each other like this. Had a wonderful time talking about boys and relationships! Oh how girly of us!

November 25, 2013

Xiao Long Bao to the cure! 😷


I feel like a cold is catching up on me very soon. Been popping Vitamin C and boosting my immune system as much as I can to avoid catching another flu virus. And when Niko invited to grab xiao long bao for dinner, I figured I could probably need some now to make me feel better, with an additional serving of hot sparerib with corn soup.

November 25, 2013

McDonald’s for a Monday Lunch with teammates. ❤️


With Grace, Frans, Marky, Lauren, Mikhail and Gino during our lunch out at Mc Donald’s Venice Piazza McKinley Hill. Love these people ^_^

November 24, 2013

Ravioli and Chinese Oriental Salad for dinner. With @mxacol #kunwarihealthy


Initially wanted to just have Roti Canai at Banana Leaf but since they didn’t have a spare seat indoors, we opted to go to California Pizza Kitchen.

The up side is, we bumped into a celebrity while eating there! The rocker chic Yeng Constantino! I stole a shot from behind but I am absolutely sure its her and did not mistake her for someone else.


The down side is, when the bill came, I didn’t expect to pay 1,220 pesos for Ravioli and Chicken Salad! 😱😱😱

Gotta remind myself this place is pricey! 😖

November 24, 2013

New 3-Zip Handy Bag!


After 5pm Sunday Service at Victory Pioneer, Mikhail and I went to Greenhills to do a bit of shopping at the Tiangge.

Finally got myself a new 3 zipper pouch for my bills and little stuffs I like to carry on hand. Its like a second wallet but slightly bulkier and easier to carry cos of the little sling. And only for 100 pesos. I hope this one will last longer since all my pouches have torn up on the inner lining pretty much because I fill up the bag mostly beyond its actual capacity. I’m hoping for a more durable material this one with a slightly tougher inner lining. Not sure what it is but kinda looks like leather but cheap ones.