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September 29, 2013

After all that Junkfood Galore. 74 calories only?! 😲


Took the stairs again all the way to the top of my condo building. Reached the top 3 times only. I think I spent about 10mins of that total of 20 just to catch my breath and sit down a few times. Man I’m old!

I’m in pretty bad condition. Only a month away to the Pulag Climb. I must be crazy to think a month is enough to train myself for it and lose at least 5kg of excess baggage.

Aww man..


September 29, 2013

Marathon. Final Episodes. #breakingbad


September 28, 2013

Continuing “The Bible” marathon at Ate Imee’s crib.


After the spiritual warfare training, a few of us decided to just chill and hang out at Ate Imee’s place and continue watching The Bible series over some food. Here are the ladies, Ate Imee, Margy, Shine, Jhwen and Belle.


Didn’t manage to take a formal shot of the boys cos we were all too busy eating by then. A shout out to Gerald and Ryan for being the tough men who braved the slight rain and flood to get us Amber’s pancit, barbecue pork and pici pici for dinner. Daniel, Jason and JR was there too.


We were there from about 6:30pm and left by 9:30pm. It was up until the New Testament that everyone figured it was time to call it a day.

I was glad we managed to pull through with some bonding moments. After all, the day was already blocked a month ahead so why waste it right?

September 28, 2013

Spiritual Warfare with Bishop Manny. #EQUIP+


With my sisters in Christ at Victory Makati after the training!


September 28, 2013

The Bible series! #sleepover #vgroup


September 27, 2013

Met briefly with @kmbrlybonifacio! We miss you girl!


Ralph, Lauren and I were shopping for our own grocery and food items when this girl called to drop by and said Hi!

September 27, 2013

Foldable Rainboots. #innovative #amusing 😳

Saw this item for sale at the supermarket at a cost of Php 139.75


Really? Seriously, the stuff people come up with! Very useful and practical for places like the Philippines where you are assured of scheduled rainy seasons and typhoon.


They could sell these in the supermarket but they don’t sell umbrellas. Tsk!

September 27, 2013

Together we stand, together we fall, together we WIN! #miniteambuilding #blueteam


And WINNERS takes All! Yay! I love my colleagues!


With my blue team members who worked hard to find all those 10 pieces of paper! Kevin, Chloe, Niza and Ralph!


September 27, 2013

Simple yet lovely breakfast with Hunt’s Chili Beef and beans!


My first time to try this! Its actually pretty good!

Here’s my breakfast setup. Whole wheat sugar free pandesal, toasted with garlic and butter spread, the beef and beans, eggs and Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow mix. Yumm!



September 26, 2013

Thank You Lord for new friends! #itsmorefuninavictorygroup


With new friend Kristine, and the usuals Jhwen, Belle and Margy! Having our bible study and bonding moments at Army Navy along Dela Rosa.

Its unfortunate that the place is rather noisy and not to mention warm! Was all stuffy and sweaty while we had our sharing there.

Praying for my own space so I can invite my girls to my place and have vgroup there. God-willing! 🙏