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February 28, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook

I was too curious about Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar win as Best Actress from this particular movie (which I had no special interest in because of the movie title), to wait for another convenient day to watch it.


So when my colleague Kimster made a spontaneous suggestion that we watch that movie tonight, I was all game for it! Even if it was only the 3 of us who was going to watch it. Yay for Girl’s night out!


I was somehow doubtful that I would enjoy watching her in this movie since I did not watch Hunger Games, and don’t know what type of an actress she is because I haven’t really watched any of her movies yet. I was especially doubtful because it was a Romantic Comedy, and I wondered how rare it is to see actresses win for best performance in these kind of genres!

At the beginning of the movie, I must admit there were parts that I sort of got bored cos Jennifer Lawrence’s character came in the screen quite an ample time into the movie, I was beginning to wonder how much acting did she really had to do.

But as the story goes along, I began to appreciate the picture, the way the cameras moved and I realized how this movie was directed artistically and it was amazing! There are moments where I would laugh, moments I get scared and feared that one of the character might die, and of course, moments where you just feel romance all over the screen!

Finally I understood why Jennifer Lawrence made it in this movie. It was a beautifully made movie. And there was one particular scene where all 3 of us (kimster, lau and myself) agreed that this was the winning act, the winning shot and take. Where they were having a date in the diner and she suddenly got pissed off.

Even after leaving the cinema, I was thinking back to the scenes where I enjoyed most and find myself daydreaming about it. It was wonderful. It left me with a tingly feeling that I could still embrace and cling on to. I even started researching about the movie on IMDB!

Lovely lines and quotes in the movie. I loved it. 9 out of 10 rating from me!

February 28, 2013

Philippines Contemporary Art. Me likey.


February 26, 2013

Victory Group! With @keribelles , Jhwen, Margy and Divine Iris! At KFC Valero


February 26, 2013

Its been a while that I’ve been here again to just have some quiet time before service! Enjoying the ambience and 50’s music. Trying something different for a change. French toast for tea!


February 24, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2013

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2013!!



Finally went to this Hot Air Balloon festival thingy. I saw it about a year ago and wondered what all the fuss was about. I figured it would be interesting to go experience something new.

My colleagues and I, a total of 14 of us (including 3 external friends) agreed to go to this festival on an early Sunday morning instead of a Saturday morning. Mostly cos everyone had a jam packed Saturday schedule and more people would be able to make it on the Sunday. It was a 3 or 4 days festival though, so the day we went was the last day of the event.

Let me start with the ending in mind. Personally, I will not choose to go to this event ever again. First time and the last, if I could avoid it. There were just too many people, too crowded, the place has no shade at all, it can get really warm and you can get sun burned. On the bright side, if you have a super powerful camera like my colleague Mikhail has, then yea, its probably a place you won’t want to miss.


Now if you ever plan to go to this event, here are some tips. DO NOT go with a tour package. Trust me, it isn’t worth the money. This event is pretty straight forward, nothing fancy and the fanciest thing you can get out of it, is the experience to watch over 30 funky, colorful hot air balloons in the air at one time and the performance by the jets? I forgot what they call it. Anyway, thats the bulk of the show.


All you need is to hire a van with a driver for a day. Like a rent a car service that comes with a driver, it would probably cost you 5K a day? Not so sure, but thats good for sharing. We had to each pay 850 for the whole trip, there was 14 of us, thats already more than 10K and yet we weren’t even allowed to ask the driver to take us wherever we wanted for the day!

Thing is, this whole event starts out at around 6:30am, you’ll expect to see balloons starting to take off at that time. But we had to meet up and gather at 3am because it would take us at least one hour’s ride from Cubao all the way to Clark. Even at 4am, the crowd that was already crawling there was ridiculous! We had to be early just so we won’t get stuck with the swarm of crowds!


Another good tip, if you are hiring your own transport there, be sure to pack floor mats or tents with portable chairs so that you’ll have a comfortable setting to sit down on the ground while waiting. They have bazaar tents there that sells mattresses and stuff but its way too costly and plus, they might have ran out of stock by then. It’s actually a good place to have a picnic outing only that you’ll have to hassle yourself with packing so many stuff and dragging them all the way to the site cos the parking area to the actual site is quite a distant walk away! Also, it would be helpful to bring insect repellants. While we were there, there were some flying bugs hovering over our head for I don’t know what reason.

By the time it was 8am, the Hot Air Balloon shows would be all done and over and all the balloons would have landed and descended. There were also paragliding showcases, and the ultra light planes and “everything that flies”. At about 8:30AM that’s when the exciting jet shows come on and I was amazed and awed by the formation they could do in the sky. It’s like planes dancing in the sky and leaving a trail of beautiful cloud patterns. There were times I got so nervous when they try to get so close to each plane that I thought any mishap could end with a fatal collision! Praise God no accidents that day ^_^ Belle and I kept giggling while the French narrator who was hosting the jet show kept talking because his accent was so fun to mimic!

All that ended at about 9:30 or close to 10AM and the sun was really out and scorching. We left the place immediately and didn’t even bother to hang around the food bazaars there cos it was just too humid and hot to be around there. We had to brave the swarm of crowd again that was exiting all at once.

After finally getting back to our ride, we had to flight for our personal space because the travel company wanted to shove 2 other strangers with our ride just because they assumed we would be on our way back to the City. We insisted that we didn’t want to share our rides with complete strangers and requested to be brought to the mall so we could get air conditioning ! Oh you might want to stop drinking liquid altogether when you’re there cos the only toilets available at the portable ones they call Portalets!

So after some convincing and pleading to the kind driver Kuya Ryan, he took us to the SM Clark mall and we had lunch there and just made a few rounds. We wanted to watch a movie to kill time because we had free time until 3pm before heading back to Cubao. But because everyone couldn’t decide what they wanted to watch, we just ended up going around the mall. We then headed to the Marquee mall as well but while on the way there, everyone just got so exhausted and knocked out in the van. Everyone just got too lazy to go out and mall around anymore after that.


The travel package offered an additional tourist site which was the Subic Park where you could do adventure tree top/drop stuff or a visit to the zoo. But then, it would be an additional 600 pesos each person! And even if you weren’t going to participate in the activities, they require the full 600 from each person just for the driver to take us there! TSK!!! We were all just too tired to go for another vigorous program and even pay for that amount, so most of us opt out of it in the end.

I wished the whole trip would have had more programs and places we could hang and chill but oh well, we can’t have it all now can we? Overall it was a good bonding time, but IF EVER, i would be forced to go back there? I’d make sure we make the best of our time and get things planned! At least you can have alternative options to go aside from just the Hot Air Balloon site.


February 24, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Festival.

I’m here! Waiting for the festival to start. With @mxacol @markybassig @halauween @kmbrlybonifacio @thetallcuteguy @keribelles @gelsagalongos , Carlito, Marlo and Irah.


February 23, 2013

Teaberi with B and @joyienessvalenz and I tried the Honey Green Chill Tea with Bubble Pops! OMG… It was a pleasant surprise! Happiness in my mouth!


February 23, 2013

Music Ministry General Assembly and orientation! Games!!!


February 22, 2013

Had dinner with Belle after work, and it seems Banana Leaf has become a favorite for her. Had the Grilled Chicken with Mango Salad, Roti Canai with Curry, Noble Leaves and Belle’s order of Pad Thai Banana Leaf style (she got it wrong though, the one she really wanted was the “Thai” style).



Was a great evening of sharing about each one’s work life and relationships. It ended up with just the both of us, we actually invited more to join us but they backed out in the last minute. I guess the weather didn’t help too. It was raining all day and so it was a wet and gloomy day but I was glad Belle still made the effort to come.


(I was not very happy with this shot, the waiter did not get a good photo. So blurry bah! =.=)

After dinner, we watched a movie!


“Beautiful Creatures”

I enjoyed it, like a “feel good” movie. Its another type of those forbidden love “Twilight” styled movies but I liked that the casts were not overly famous, and not overly “Perfect” looking. (Unlike Edward)

My personal view, a 3.3/5 star rating.

February 22, 2013

Shoe Shopping

Bought a pair of simple black shoes for work wear as my other Figlia branded black flats was failing me.

As soon as I saw this, I knew I’d like it and it didn’t take me long to decide to purchase it. And it was on sale! Php399 for an original value of Php 1, 299 ! Isn’t that a great deal or wat??? I previously bought a pair of black flats from this same brand and it was pretty good and durable. So I guess this should be durable too? *Hopeful*

Its actually a size 36, so slightly bigger than the usual 35 that I would wear. But since I’d wear them with socks anyway thanks to the cold temperature in the office, I believe it would fit just nicely.

Simple and elegant..