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January 31, 2013

Prayer and worship night! Back at Makati Sports!


January 31, 2013

Cool Bear @MusCorleone #adayintheoffice


January 29, 2013

How to live the way God wants

Finally finished reading a book! First finished book for the year 2013! Though i bought this book some time around December 26 last year, I only managed to finish reading it last night.


I must say, it is a very technical book, well written, very structured and may not strike up your imagination much but some of the message really sticks in my head. Like, “thou shall not steal” doesn’t just encompass the actual action of stealing but if for example, I borrowed a book from someone and never found the time to return it, its also stealing!

Same goes for “thou shall not lie”, if I make a promise that I cannot keep, thats also considered a lie. Even being late to an agreed meeting time can be a lie when we don’t keep our word and be on time as we have promised! Another reason I do not wish to have the habit of being late.

This book also helped me understand why God detests idolatry and how no man-made image can compare and represent how magnificent and perfect God is, and therefore we should not bring disgrace to Him through any kind of idol image.

It really gave me a great insight to the fine lines and full meaning of those simple commandments.

Thank You Lord for this enriching knowledge!

January 28, 2013

Dream of a “Life of Pi”?

Thanks to Life of Pi, I woke up to a wild dream last night about going for a trip with my family in a ship where we had to use a rubber tire to lure a shark! Apparently cos we needed to be sure if the ship ran out of power to run, we won’t be stuck out in the sea with sharks trying to attack our ship like a soccer ball out in the field with 20 sharks trying to get a hold of our fresh human meat.

It got even weirder when we went back to the shore, and there was a black dog with us and I accidentally killed it with my bare hands when I kinda twisted and smashed his face cos I thought I was smashing on fresh meat. I remember I cried so hard and felt so sad in the dream.. The only other person I could recall who was in the dream with me was my brother.

At some point I dreamt that I woke up late and was late for work! Good thing it was just a dream.

I really dislike having dreams though. Takes so much effort using my mind and I end up with a restless night and don’t get a good sleep.

Well, thats what movies does to me really. It cooks up crazy imaginations and awakes the subconscious!

January 27, 2013

Had dinner at Banana Leaf with @keribelles . Craving roti canai and Malaysian noble leaves vegetables!


January 27, 2013

Enjoying some comfort food. Not that I need any “comforting” but sugar and sweetness just makes any day a little more nicer! ^_^


How cute, “nice comfort food after a break up” awwwww…


Sadly, just a single order of apple pie seems to need more effort than I expected it to be. Took more than 10mins just for a slice of pie.. Tsk tsk tsk…
Here it is..


Maybe the lighting is not so great though so the photo doesn’t make it look as yummy as it should be.

I love the ambiance of the place and the setup though. I can imagine myself owning a dessert house like this.. God willing!


January 27, 2013

Bought this for 50 pesos yesterday at the Canggeh market. Its not for me really. #denial


January 26, 2013

Life of Pi


Watched this today after our Company’s Tondo outreach and feeding program with @Markybassig


Everyone was talking about this movie and I had no clue what it was about, didn’t even bother to research on what it was about, I didn’t even watch the trailer for this!

But I was sure glad I watched it. It was directed by none other than Ang Lee!! Imagine a Chinese guy doing a movie about an Indian with a tiger! The thing I didn’t quite understand even until the end of the movie, is how the Life of Pi would make someone believe in God ?

Anyway, I must say I was expecting a very dramatic and ‘boring’ movie since I can’t imagine how a story about a boy with a tiger can be interesting, but this wasn’t so bad really. In the middle of the movie, I was reminded of “CAST AWAY”, the one with Tom Hanks and how much this story had so much similar features to the CAST AWAY movie.

All in all, I did enjoyed it and had many “shocking” scenes and parts of teary eyed scenes. Not a lot, but just a little. It makes me want to research about the story behind the movie though, it actually makes me want to read the novel!

My personal rating, I’d give it a 4 out of a 5 star. Kudos Ang Lee!

January 25, 2013

Dinner at Giligan’s Restaurant after movie and window shopping!

Dinner at Giligan’s Restaurant after movie and window shopping! @halauween @markybassig @thetallcuteguy & JaJa, Carlito, RalphO!


January 25, 2013

Having a game of bball shootin’ at Timezone before the movie starts. Watching Hansel & Gretel with the team again!

Having a game of bball shootin’ at Timezone before the movie starts. Watching Hansel & Gretel with the team again!