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October 26, 2012

Limbo Tent of Horror

Back dating this post. I really wanted to share how my last days of October went. Truly some experiences are meant to be written and remembered.

On the weekend 26th October, Friday was a public holiday for Hari Raya Haji, and I spent the day waking up early, chilling in the room and just relaxing. Left the house around 12noon to search for a second hand white shirt at the ukay ukay in Makati Cinema Square for the outreach program the next day. Also ended up doing a bit of grocery shopping at waltermart.

By the time I reached home it was almost time to get ready to leave for a Friday night outing organized by my colleague Mara. We were going to experience a “supposedly” scare and horror of our lives.


Got to The Fort NBC tent at about 6pm, was kinda late and it was about 10 of us from the office that went. We were batch number 4 in line for the show. Initially the crowd was just a small group of people, and eventually more and more came. By the time it was our turn, we had to go in the tent in batches with 20 people!



Overall, the experience was not as scary as it could have been. The actors were pretty convincing, and they actually go after the participants which made it a more surreal experience despite knowing its just fake. And because the “zombies” actually pursue the participants, there were a lot of running. However, because it appears that there were too many of us, there were even more “pushing” than running.

There was artificial coloring for blood which splattered onto the participants. We were forewarned though that our clothes may get stained. Mara got hit most cos when we left the tent hall, her jeans were splattered with blood and made it look like she just escaped from a crime scene! Ralph even had blood on his hair ! Because there were too many people versus the Zombies, I was able to duck and hide behind crowds of people and so there wasn’t much of the scary experience I could see cos I was so short and everyone in front of me just happened to block my vision of the whole horror.

I do remember that it started out with a family of ghosts having dinner on the table, and they suddenly realised they were not alone and invited the participants to eat with them. When the participants got scared they just got offended and mad and started chasing after them. Thats when the running started.

There was also persecution, exorcism, and I personally felt which was more disgusting than scary was the delivery of a monster baby from a lady who had to spread out her legs in front of the crowd and show the baby coming out of her. That was pretty disgusting. She ended up killing the fake baby by banging the doll to the ground. Ew.

The exorcism was pretty disturbing, there was a guy posed as the priest and a girl who did the infamous backward bend. My heart goes out to the girl who had to act being possessed and pray that she doesn’t truly be attacked spiritually.

The whole race in the tent lasted only about 15-20minutes and worth 250 pesos. After getting out, you have the choice of having a second go for only 150 pesos. There was a free photobooth and redbull beverage for giveaways!



We had dinner at a Mexican place after that, it was about 8pm when we finally got a seat at The Agave. Shared a big platter of Supremo meal with mara fred carl and marky.



I am personally not a big fan of Mexican food so I can’t tell if the food was truly good. At least it wasn’t bad I think. Of course, I couldn’t leave a food place without having some Chocolate Molten cake if they’re serving one there!!



Ended the night with a bit of window shopping with Marky while the boys, carl and fred had to wait for us.

Great time spent and bonding with colleagues where we usually say Hi and Bye cos there is no shift overlap, I truly enjoy moments like this to really get to know them personally and I am blessed because I am surrounded by sweet and adorable workmates ^_^

October 26, 2012

Art Above

On a rainy day yesterday, I was suppose to grab a taxi on my way to meet JL for 1 to 1 session at RCBC. Little did I know that God had made it possible for me to see the talents of people that He enabled. I know it may not be the most awesome thing to some, but for me it is in the beauty of the littlest and simplest things that we never really notice and take for granted that matters the most.

Instead of taking the cab, God wanted me to walk and enjoy these beauties on the way to my destination.






Its so cool oh! These were taken on the pedestrian bridge or walkway past Greenbelt 5 along Dela Rosa Street.

I mean wall art is very common but doing a ceiling art? Wow! I can imagine the work involved in getting it done!

I was inspired and just at awe at the amazing talent and gifts that God gives to us mankind. It is artistically beautiful 🙂