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August 31, 2012

Thoughts on being away from home

I am currently waiting for my turn on medical check up. Had to pee twice cos the first time it wasn’t enough! I find it really troublesome having to go through this process because it is so time consuming. I haven’t had food the past 15 hours and i am completely famished at this point.

Anyway, so heres where we get to my title of this particular post. I am feeling quite home sick right now. Partly due to the fact that its a public holiday for the whole nation celebrating independence day, but mostly having that feeling of security, familiarity and comfort.

I’ve been away from home for about 4 years now. Haven’t had my personal space or ‘sanctuary’ ever since leaving home to work abroad. Somedays I do wish I had never left, but I can still remember the state of mind I was in when I was back home 4 years ago. I was unhappy and just had to leave. Ironically 4 years down the road, I am missing home quite like never before.

Its been 4 months since I had a routine life of going to work, waking up a certain time and meeting deadlines and obligations. With so much freedom right now I feel so useless. Maybe because I have never been so idle ever since leaving high-school. I was always working even while studying. And now to be completely free and not having to go to work for so long I am just completely …. Blank.

However, I know now that God has placed me here for a reason. And what that reason may be I don’t think I will ever be able to comprehend. But to be able to experience God’s grace and mercy again is a privilege. Despite going through all the hardships and storms of life now, and it is still not ending yet, I am thankful that my Father in heaven is watching over me. He has never left me and has been so patiently waiting for my return. Its never tiring or BORING to say that God indeed is GOOD ALL THE TIME because that is indeed the truth.

There will be times that I get discouraged, that I try to be perfect and righteous because Jesus was perfect. And I might get frustrated when I fail, but God will always be graceful and kind. The world has shaped so many distorted image of what is good and righteous but what matters in the end is my personal relationship with Him.

I was reading His word the other day, and a passage was revealed to me in Jeremiah 42:10-12 and I kept thinking and worrying if I had misinterpret what He is telling me. Because deep down I knew I missed home and just couldn’t wait to get home already. But I know God works in mysterious ways and even if I screw up, He’ll be there to pick me up 🙂

Am wrapping this up from Burger King. Finally managed to get food and be done with the medical checkup after all that interruptions in between completing this post.

Happy Merdeka day Malaysians! Until next time I get to go home…

August 1, 2012

The Story of the Girl who was locked out.

This is where I document the story of the girl who was locked out of the house. Or rather, the studio apartment that belonged to her friend.

She was all dressed up, ready to leave the place, it was 11:30am. Hungry, she hurried to get out of the place. But before that, she figured she would take the courtesy to take out the trash in the house since she was staying there out of sincere generosity of her friend. Usually, people would consider efficiency in the equation, opting to take the trash on their way out. So they would save the time and effort since it would be on the way out anyway.

But this girl, this girl insisted she should just take out the trash first, and then return to the apartment to WASH HER HANDS before leaving again. So off she went, took the spare key that was left at the dining table for her from her friend. Took the trash and reached for the door knob. Ever so naturally pushed the knob lock and closed the door behind her. Then used the key to lock the top lock. It was only then did she realized, there were two locks, but her hand held only 1 key.

Oh the horror! There she was, all locked out, with no money, no mobile she could use, no phone number she could even recall, and worse yet, she was HUNGRY! In a panic, all she could think of, was to knock on the neighbor’s door, remembering the balcony door was left open and she might have a chance to climb over from the neighbor’s place. But there was no answer. The neighbor did not answer the door.

So what was next? What could she do? Just stay outside the door and wait till 5pm when her friend gets back? No way she could endure that. She would’ve lost her mind by the 3rd minute of a few hour’s wait. It was the only thing she could do, her only option then. She left the apartment building, with the door locked, music playing on the iPod, balcony door wide open, fans and lights all on, and she headed to the only place she knew she had a chance. She walked 20minutes and reached another friend’s office. Guess what, she was on lunch break!

This was the point where she almost blew her mind, but she kept her cool, reminded herself that this isn’t a horrible thing, it isn’t a disaster, it isn’t the end of the world, but just pure embarrassment, and of course a trial set by the evil one to break her. They knew her weakness, they knew she would flipped and would get angry at herself. But this time, she persevered, she prayed, asked God to help her and to comfort her. And it didn’t took a long time for her friend to return from lunch break and saw her there. She was saved! After making a call to the friend who owned the apartment, she then found out how silly she was, because her friend told her that the one key she left was used for both locks! Oh how silly indeed, in that panic state, she didn’t bother to try the key for the second lock!

But that wasn’t the end of the story. She was in a hurry, she needed to get back to the apartment for fear of the opened balcony door, for fear of safety and security of the apartment, of her friend’s sacred place called ‘home’. Having 120pesos given generously by her friend, she quickly hailed the nearest taxi she could see. She thought she was finally going to clean up the mess she got herself into, without realizing she just jumped into another mess altogether. Much to her dismay, she was an accomplice to a taxi driver who allowed her to board at a location that was against the law. The traffic police stopped the taxi, started to record his car plate number.

The girl was terrified, afraid, and began to pray again. Asking for the Lord’s mercy and grace to allow this taxi driver off the hook just this time, it was after all her fault to begin with. The Lord is so good, and heard her prayer, graciously allowed the taxi to escape the fault this time. She was truly saved finally.

And the girl finally learned her lesson for the day. First lesson, prayer always works, even in the smallest things. Secondly, always try the key for all locks no matter how much you think it might not work.

I may or may not reveal the true identity of this girl, but if you know her, just continue to pray for her, I believe she needs it every time she panics.