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July 25, 2012

Weight Check



I had to rewrite this post cos the mobile version of tumblr failed me! Aaaaanyway…

As you can see, i gained 7kg in the past 3 months. I was going through a period of depression and stress eating. Totally let go of myself and threw off all my exercise regime and just drowned myself in glorious food, sorrow and self pity. I admit, I fell into gluttony.

On the bright side, my BMI index is still within the “normal” range so I am not considered “Over weight” yet for my age. Ugh, I hate how I sound old just saying that..

For the past 2 months I was afraid of weighing myself cos I knew I had gained weight. It was pretty obvious when my jeans couldn’t fit me anymore and I feared that I might get even more depressed than I already was if I faced the facts and numbers on the weighing scale.

But this time, I took that step and finally did it. Faced the truth because the bible says the truth will set me free! And I pray everyday that God will deliver me from temptations to over-eat, and He will give me the strength to be victorious over this challenge. Amen!

As the Koreans would say “aja aja fighting~!”


July 16, 2012

Students can take handphones, IT gadgets to school from 2013 – Nation | The Star Online

Students can take handphones, IT gadgets to school from 2013 – Nation | The Star Online.

Now this is interesting. I would suspect that MOST parents will object to this, and not to mention the head of schools that have to deal with the parents!

I could imagine all sorts of negative consequences unleashed because of this ruling. Of course, all things are easier said than done. Sure, we need to keep up with technology and change is inevitable but this has got to be dealt with carefully, especially when young minds are involved.

I hope they will come up with a full proof strategy on how they are planning on implementing this rule. Imagine the kids tweeting “algebra in session” or “sejarah (history) sucks” doesn’t really come across as paying FULL attention to their class. Or worse, texting their friends and chat-gossiping when they’re suppose to be doing self-study. Cheating during their tests and quiz! The horror.

We’re not just talking decrease in academic attention here. I am sure there will be peer pressure between kids comparing who has the latest Ipad or tablet in the school. What about kids who couldn’t afford those gadgets? They’d be insulted and left out even worse if they hadn’t been already.

I personally don’t think its a good idea. However I do not entirely object it either since it is truly inevitable that we do need to keep up with technology these days. We just need to make sure its done tactfully and with considerable amount of thought on how the pro can outweigh the cons in this ruling.

July 16, 2012

The Artist


Last night I watched “The Artist” by the French director Michel Hazanavicius. It is surely my first ever silent movie and I am proud to say I endured it well and didn’t fall asleep halfway.

I guess I did somewhat enjoy the movie even though some parts of it didn’t quite make sense to me. Of course, it is a “silent” movie after all. There were parts in there that I actually tried to read their lips!

But all in all, I appreciate all arts as it is, and it’s wonderful that in this day and age of the 21st century, the director manage to make a comeback for silent movies in all black and white. If it wasn’t for this movie, I probably would have never tried watching ANY silent movie at all in my entire life.

Thanks Michel Hazanavicius, for making me want to do something out of my norm and experience something new to me.

Personally I will give it a 3 out of 5 star rating.

July 4, 2012

testing if this works without media uploads

I said I was just testing!

July 4, 2012

Allergy Attack



Don’t know what could’ve caused this rash, but I suspect its the ‘crab fat’ that I had last night at Ate Imm’s place. I’m not usually allergic to crab per se but I think its particularly cos I had a dose of the orange-ish colored flesh (which was a bit hard, I think it was the cholesterol??).

I’m very sure I am allergic to clams though cos I experimented with that a long time ago. It started from chau kuey tiow (stir fried flat vermicelli) and the penang style which they put clam meat in. Then one day my brother brought home a big bag of clams or “lala” as they called it here, and it tasted so good I had a big serving of that. Only to find the next day I had rashes on my thighs which were very bad!

I didn’t think it really was the clams that I was allergic to, cos I was never really allergic to any kind of food, especially seafood (I loved shrimp! I could eat a whole big bowl by myself with no skin rash consequences of any kind!). So I figure I’d give it a try again after I healed.

Lo and behold, my suspicions were justified. I was truly allergic to clams. But this time, I really wonder why I got these rashes??!! Was it really those orange-ish stuff??