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April 10, 2012

Oh hello April!

Ok.. March gone, and its April now. It feels like every year my March jus passes me by and i have that deja vu of having said this every year: its April na!

So just briefly, i spent most of March in a daze cos i was so eager to go home to KTown. I did manage to get eyelash extensions for the first time and though its effects are astounding, the torture will surely test your perseverance. I wouldn’t consider doing them again unless i was prepared to go through the same ordeal again!

Made quite a few new friends and God has changed me surely.. I tweet much more than i blog though.. It seems easier to express myself on simple sentences crammed into 160 characters than to write up to 200 words!

All in all, i do hope i can still continue to blog more often cos its nice to look back someday and realize how my thoughts are capable of expressions..

April 9, 2012

My “first” Bible. #backdated #sentimentalvalue #drawingclosertoGod



This is the first bible I bought for myself, using my own money. It feels different, its more meaningful. It’s something I don’t ever want to forget and take for granted.

Before I got this Bible, I was reading God’s word through the smartphone Bible app. It serves its purpose well, being mobile and accessible and copy-paste-able anywhere and anytime I want. But its less personal. I seem to find reading with a book more easy on the eyes somehow. Too much “Screens” due to technology nowadays. Gotta go back to the old school way sometimes.

The Zondervan’s Bloom Bible Collection. NIV version of course. Initially I had another design in mind, but then there wasn’t any other stock available. Knowing me, I wouldn’t choose green for any reason. But since I liked the orange flower in front of the cover, I guess this should do.

This cost me Php 1,025.  And I think its a pretty good deal for such a pretty looking bible!

April 3, 2012

Reward to self. #lifestylechange #5kiloswashardtolose #gadgetfever


I know I don’t usually like following trends, but I had to make an exception for this one. I finally pushed through and got myself the latest model of an iPhone, the 4S.

This baby cost me between RM 2,190.00 just for the unit itself.


Rewarding myself after almost half a year’s hard work of watching what I eat and dropping from 60kg to a 47kg. I don’t know how I managed it but I did. If I didn’t reach that weight target, I would have never gotten this luxury gadget! Talk about motivation!