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January 1, 2012

The Year Twenty Twelve.

So how did everyone spent their New Year’s huh? No more happening parties at clubs for me, hitting the three “O” this year and not exactly looking forward to it. Well, I prepared for bed last night around 11:45pm, and sent my new year greetings before the cyberspace traffic starts. Then all the fireworks started so I wasn’t exactly able to fall asleep.

So when I heard all that crackling, I figured I might as well tried to take some pictures of the fireworks from my bedroom window. And then this is what the view from my room window looked like.

Nyeh.. so much for Fireworks! So I just took a short video to record the “sounds” of the fireworks instead.


Probably can’t hear the much of the sounds of the fireworks from the video, but yeah, it sounds like some popping sort of. ah well, the best i could do with compressed video.

I haven’t thought of any New Year’s resolution yet, does it make me seem pathetic? Hmm.. I hope not.

Well, I do wish to continue with my resolution last year, which is to aim to be “healthier” and of course, continue to watch my food intake. Other than that, probably to try and spend less on MOVIES like I normally would :-p

Next thing to look forward to in this new year is the company’s annual dinner. I’ll be sure to blog about that!

Then there’s the thing I am obliged to do well, which is MORE WORK.


Well, good luck in the coming year guys.. even if you don’t need it, it would be nice to have some (luck) 😉