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December 31, 2011

What you need to remember when hosting a party.

I am not one to organize parties very much, mostly because I am such an introvert. But when I do organize one, I can be quite the perfectionist and wish to do it well. So when my mom excitedly dropped the bomb on me that we were having a party at our place, and NOTHING was prepared yet (party was in 2 days and we didn’t even had a caterer then), I was frustrated. However, since it was a festive season and a season for loving and forgiveness, I thought I should let my mom get away with it this time and played along.

Boy did I have a lesson of a lifetime. Its been awhile since I’ve personally been involved in a party that needs so much of my effort and attention, that I told myself that I must note this down so I’d remember it for the rest of my life (whenever I DO organize parties).

1) Food Choices – Caterers

My mom told me she was aiming for the same caterer that she got last year, but she only made the first call to that caterer 3 days before the party! And the inevitable happened, the cook couldn’t make it this year cos he was away for holidays this time. So my mom frantically looked for caterers at the very LAST MINUTE! So remember, make reservations for your choice of caterer WAAAAY beyond time. Especially in the holiday seasons, you should know that they have many other parties to cater to during the time. In addition to making the right choices for your food provider, you should also consider the variety of food or food choices that you make when making your order. For example, this year, my mom made a very “wise” choice to get shrimp as 1 of the dishes. Then when the guests started halfway through the course, my mom started to panic because it seemed as if we did not have enough food! But finally it was enough (and we even had leftovers) but only because everyone favored specific dishes over the others. The shrimp was gone in seconds! So obviously, try to balance out the type of food you would be serving in the party so you won’t have too much of ‘something’ left over.

2) Paper Plates – utilities

You can never have enough paper plates. Any excess can be kept for future use! Just a day before the party, I passed by some paper plates and asked my mom, would we be needing paper plates? Shall we get some? And she confidently told me that the caterer has prepared plates for us. So off we went and how I regretted it. We were serving cheese cake for dessert and all the plates from the caterer was already used up for the main entree. Tsk! So ALWAYS prepare paper plates, cups and plastic utilities, just in case 😉

3) Insects – candles and natural repellants

Being in a country that is warm, it is THE place for insects to hover around party food! They wanna crash the party too. So remember to have repellents ready, like lemongrass and scented candles. But bear in mind, you need to have the candles in a glass case or something so the wind doesn’t blow it out. That was a problem I was facing at my mom’s party. Luckily I have really dedicated candle handlers like my nieces who kept re-lighting those blown out candles.

3) Ventilation – Cool air

If you have a small home like mine, and space is limited, some of your guests might need to be hangin’ and chillin’ on the outdoor space. So with the weather in Borneo, you gotta have a fan outside. My cousin was sweating to the max being outside. Poor dude.

4) Trash disposals

I didn’t realize about the trash disposals until a guest asked me where she could dump some snack wrappers. How could we forget that?? So this has got to be in my list of things to remember !

5) Appetizers

You know how guests like to be “fashionably” late, while others are really nice people who honors the discipline of being on time when attending a party? So we had guests who were there on the dot, and those who were like, an hour late! Poor guests were already hungry and I kept telling my mom that we should start ahead and not let our guests wait. She insisted we wait. Tsk. Then my sister told me we should have served some snacks or appetizers first, and though we did placed some food around but nobody touched it! Duh! My sister was right, how could I not thought about it?? We didn’t even have serving trays!! Ish!! I was getting so annoyed at myself for being so dumb. Next time, REMEMBER TO SERVE YOUR GUESTS!!!

6) Seating Arrangements

In addition to serving trays, another problem we faced at our party was the way the tables and seats were arranged. My mom arranged the seats in front of a serving table where we had placed the snacks and fruits. No wonder no one touched them cos they were not easily accessible! Tsk!! I have got lots to learn in organizing a party! And this was only for 30 pax >.<

7) Entertainment – Magazines, TV, Music

One thing I did manage to pull off on this party was providing some mini entertainment for those guests who were not much into “Socializing” but were there “just because”. I placed all my celebrity news magazines and fashion mags on the table where they could easily see it and grab it for a temporary distraction from their boredom. Am proud to say, it was a hit! I do think I could have improved more on the TV Channel or perhaps played some background music just to sort of “lift up” the atmosphere a bit. That’s pretty much what I could think of, do share if you readers have other entertainment medias you could suggest?

I couldn’t think of any other items I could add on to this list, but I probably will once I try out the “manual” above on my next party (not sure when, and it might take a while, which is why I decided to put my notes in written documents to make sure I REMEMBER IT!).

So the party went well (I suppose in my opinion), some cousins weren’t able to make it to the party and those that did, I think they had a good time too 🙂  Here’s a group photo we took with some relatives left a lil earlier (mind you, it is NOT EASY to gather everyone for a photo! Guess I should add that to the list to note too huh?).

It’s gatherings like these that just helps us to keep in touch with each other and remind one another that “We’re blood”!! And of course, just to gossip and ask each other the same questions we ask each other every year when we meet up, “how’s life?” XD

I couldn’t even remember my younger cousin’s names! I think there was Genevieve, Edna, Edwin, and some of them even have kids that I can’t even recall their names anymore 😦

Thats why these gatherings are important!! We gots to know their names !!




So what’s everybody up to in the new year’s eve eh?


December 23, 2011

Cmas in 2 days!

Photo of the moment. Beats being in front of the pc all the time!

December 15, 2011

9 Days till Christmas!

Can’t wait to be home… 😦

Now who’s gonna eat such a cute Krispy Creme Snowman??

December 3, 2011

Of Bdays and Spongebobs?

I did mention in my previous entry that I didn’t really celebrated my birthday this year, being “aged” and all. Well, whadda ya know, my company organizes a quarterly birthday party for those bday babies during a specific month, and I ended up going to a Spongebob-themed bday party at KFC ! We were all grown ups re-living our childhood dreams of bday parties in Fast Food restos that never happened when we were younger. XD

So I usually do not attend events organized by my company like Bdays, outings, etc etc mostly cos I’m either at work or I am just too plain lazy to get my big ass butt off the comfort of my TV or PC screens. Anyway, this time, I figured I should make the effort to attend after my colleagues invited me to join them as well. There were few a us from our unit that were celebrating birthdays from October to December. So despite having to work the graveyard shift, I woke up earlier than my usual schedule, got ready and because traffic was CRAZEE, I just “walked” all the way to the venue. (Of course, it took about 20minutes walk to reach the destination, good workout before food if you ask me).

And now, for the pictures to do the talking~

Spongebob and Patrick themed banners ! I’m a happy 29-er!

Oh btw, I was already late because I had to walk to the event, and when I got there about 20 mins late, the event organizers were not even there yet! Duh~~

So the event started with some games, I was TOTALLY EXCITED!!! (Am being sarcastic in case you thought I was REALLY excited. Really.)

The first game was an active game where 2 groups had to race to do some “stuff”, and the second game I was asked to join, was a game where we had to arrange ourselves in a straight line according to for example shoe size, height, our age.. you get the gist of it (no pictures of me in the game though! boohoo). The last game was where we had to bring a “specific” item or “person” (like, the most good looking guy at the event, or a guy carrying a girl, a guy who can dance… yada yada yada) to the host and the fastest to do it would get a goodie bag. The goodie bag consisted of a notepad and stationary with Spongebob designs of course.

And finally after 3 games, the main event…. FOOD!!!! It’s the main reason everyone is there anyway. They served us the “Fully Loaded” meal comprising of fried chicken and rice, spaghetti, mushroom soup, mash potatoes, and a brownie.

Of course, its not a Bday party without the Resto’s Mascot there right??? Mr Chuckee was there!!!

He did a dance number for us, and we wrapped it up with a photo session… and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL~~~ THE END…


So here’s a happy birthday to the coolest colleagues!

with Sheilla & Sherlyn

with Dahlia

here’s one with Ella!

Again with Sherlyn, who on that day insisted she really is a shy person (and no one believed her)



December 2, 2011

Starbucks Brekkie

Breakfast with Mi Mi on the last day of November 2011.

Indulge Indulge~!!