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November 26, 2011

Countdown to hitting the BIG 3-0

I just turned 29 last week and today I’m already counting down the days to a new year 2012, which meant I would be reaching my 30s!!!

So this year is prolly the dullest bday ever. I was already expecting it though cos I didn’t have any plans, I didn’t have any friends to celebrate it with me, and the worse thing about it was that I had to work on my birthday.
How dull.

So I gave my self 1 indulgence allowance and got myself a birthday present for mua..yehehehehehe the 6th Generation iPod Nano 8GB in Graphite color, and spent 7,490 pesos for this baby!

And here’s my 29 year old look.


I did however, got surprising bday wishes from people I thought had forgotten about me. Truly appreciate them for that. Since I been away from Facebook, I have lost touch with most people around me (even my colleagues despite seeing them everyday in the office). But I really don’t miss it, truly!! More about my exit from FB next time.

So days before my bday, I made the decision to take up a baking class at a nearby Culinary Institute, MICHA, check out their site here. Chanced upon their short programs which they call “Lifestyle” programs, and the words “Sugar Free Desserts” caught my attention. So I figured instead of wasting my bday with retail therapy, I thought I should go gain some knowledge instead. I was thankful that there was such programs for me to take up, I think I would have otherwise spent a lot of money unnecessarily, or prolly went to see a shrink instead!

The program was scheduled at 10am on Saturday, 19-Nov. But because I just got off graveyard shift, I didn’t get any rest or sleep, and went on ahead to the class after work. Disappointing thing was that they organizers were not professional. They should start at 10am, but they just STARTED PREPARATIONS at 10am! Well, since I was there to learn, I just patiently waited.

They handed us a free apron and a kitchen hat. Together with a handbook which is 3 recipes that we were suppose to learn about that day. It was my first time attending such baking classes, so I was really curious to know how it was gonna run. Then it started with the Chef giving us a lecture, even using a slide presentation (just like in an actual culinary class!) and explaining the science about “Yeast”. Then on to the demonstration on how the 3 recipes should be done.


After all 3 presentation was done, the next program was a lecture about “Coffee”. The guy who gave us the “Coffee” lecture was charming and interesting, he was really knowledgeable about “Coffee”, and had a lot of jokes and stories to share about it too. He sure knows his “coffee”. If I didn’t go to his lecture that day, I would’ve never known what “Mocha” really is when we always order “Cafe Mocha”. (Mocha is really a name of a place). The coffee lecture took quite a while, and even after we were called to the kitchen to start, the coffee lecture was not done yet.

While in the kitchen, we were separated into groups of max 3 or 4 pax. There were only 15 participants, and so I was grouped with 2 girls and a guy who were also there on their own. Well, it started very awkward since we didn’t know each other and we just went on and about, taking turns to have a hand in the effort. The ingredients were all prepared for us, we just needed to be aware of what ingredients to put in, and how it should be mixed or combined together. Managed to take a picture of my teammates, the guy was taking the picture for us.

Here’s a shot of the chef teaching us how to roll the wholewheat dough. And the pictures that follow are the end product of the recipes we learned that day, with the exception of the wholewheat bread cos it was the last thing that was done and by the time I got my hands on them I was in too much of a hurry to grab a picture before packing them in my bags and rushing home.

Sugar Free Banana Cup Cakes

Sugar Free Chocolate Sour Cream Fudge Cookies

Sugar Free Potato Whole Wheat Rolls (not baked yet!)

I had to bail halfway through the coffee lecture, cos the whole program was suppose to end at 2pm, but it was dragged until 3:30pm and still not done yet! But still glad I managed to grab the certificate, which was my main goal really.

So the day after, on Sunday 20-Nov, I went on the actual retail therapy much needed and thanks to my really sweet colleague Mimi. We were both tired and exhausted from our shift on Saturday night, but we still managed to go to Chinatown and did some shopping, and ended the day with a nice lunch at Holy Cow. Had steak and the pumpkin soup was surprisingly nice too! Not salty as I thought it was gonna be. We were both pretty worn out by 12pm as seen in this shot, but oh well, we rarely do this kind of outing and it was nice. I was so tired I forgot to take pictures of the food we had too. =.=

with sweet Mimi

HOLY COW!! There goes my 29. I swear I need to go for an adventure on my 30th next year!!!

November 26, 2011

Am a sucker for Nice Packaging


November 12, 2011

Asparagus Soup with Parmesan Sprinkle

Took the time to make this today. The combination of ingredients in this recipe made me curious enough to actually make the effort to get all the things I need to create this “healthy” soup.

Learned about the recipe from the recipe book “The South Beach Diet Quick & Easy Cookbook”. I must say, this will definitely be a book to keep for life. Go for it if you like Asparagus and Cheese ! =)

Here’s what you need :-

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Small Onion
Garlic Clove
Chicken Broth
Parmesan Cheese
Salt & White Pepper for seasoning.

Sautee Asparagus (remember not to brown the garlic & onions – cos I think this would just add “bitterness” into the formula), all ingredients should be put in to the pan at the same time.

Then put in the broth, cook another 10mins, then puree with a blender. Put in Cheese, Salt & Pepper just before serving.

The one thing I didn’t enjoy about this recipe was preparing the Asparagus “stick by stick”. =.=
So be prepared to spend a bit more time on that particular item when considering to try this recipe out.

Till next procrastination. adios.

November 12, 2011

No No No November~

I have been procrastinating, I seriously cannot recall how long have I told that to myself. And see what happens? The whole month of October gone without any documentation!! AAAAaaarrgghhh.. a history of my life gone without a trace.. 😦

Oh well, moving on. =.=

So the last thing I remember about October which I wanted to share about was that I managed to watch Justin Timberlake’s new flick with Amanda Seyfried. “IN TIME”.

I must say, the idea of the story is cool and something fresh, but still the script and lines are pretty corny here and there. Like “your money or your life”… >.<

All in all, I think its not too bad. My personal rating would be a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Next to look forward to, Kristen Stewart in "Snow White & the Huntsman". Sooo frickin kewl~~~ (my dorky nerdy side coming out)

And yes, couldn’t think of any other title 😦

I need to find my muse.