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July 28, 2011

The Pancake House

Despite the insufficient sleep, when you’re working in the graveyard shift, your day off is a day you wouldn’t want to spend sleeping it off. It’s essential to staying sane for that duration being in odd hours.

So I do the same, sacrifice sleep for the sake of catching those office hour businesses and spontaneously made a trip to The Pancake House this morning.

The best thing about the place? It’s only across the street from where I stay, easily accessible and most of all, the food was YUMMEH~~~

I made a thoroughly thoughtful decision when I was ‘studying’ through their menu. Had a LOT of variety of pancakes, as well as waffles. Besides breakie menu, they also served lunch and dinner I guess, if you don’t mind taking the same kind of food interchangeably between lunch and dinner.

I finally settled in my mind that I would like to have the Spanish Asparagus omelette. Yet, I unconsciously blurted out Spanish Omelette to the waitress taking my order and didn’t even realised I made that mistake until the food arrived!

Oh well, it still tasted just fine. I was contemplating between a pancake for my sweet tooth or a “98% fat-free frozen yoghurt” as it claims on the advert to cheat on my diet.

I finally settled with the Banana pancake (I almost wanted to order both!), and I did not regret it period.

OMG, the fluffiness of the pancake is is ….. undescribable..?? It was so soft.. and so… YUMMY LAH!!! Ok, I admit, this is such a lousy photo of the pancake with no focus on my camera phone, doesn’t make it any better with the whipped cream toppled over. (Yes, I was mislead to thinking it was ice cream) But I can swear to G*d, it’s nothing like how it taste like!

I am definitely making my second trip there again, and lookie where I was seated? It was a spot meant just for me.. with a wall full of Movie Posters!!


Lets see..”DreamGirls”, “Must Love Dogs”, “Mission Imp 3”, “Poseidon”, “Underworld”, “The Polar Express”, “Music and Lyrics”, “The Lake House”… aaahhh Bliss!!!!

July 23, 2011

For the Love of EGGS

I been trying to quit sugar for the past month, but those who knows me I LUUURRVE them eggs!!!! You might be thinking, huh? Eggs? Sugar? MMmmmmmmm……

Lots of bakery goods has got to either have eggs or sugar and I think this is truly a lethal combination which makes a dayum good dessert…

I came across this little heaven when I went to the market this morning.. BEHOLD~ THE EGG PIE~~~~~ (*imagines Bruce Buffer’s voice announcing this out loud)

I couldn’t resist..Just… had.. to.. have… one..~~~!!!!

I don’t think YUMMY alone can give enough credit to how uh-maze-ing this feels in my mouth…

and now I need to meditate.. and go back to RESISTING TEMPTATIONS!!!!!

July 19, 2011

Of new finds and endings..

Got myself a Mc D collectible drinking glass.. the unique kind..

See ? It says so itself, the “CAN” glass.. I got it for practical reasons too. Thing is, I used to have 1 of the coke glasses previously, with the funky shape, and it suddenly went missing. I suspect someone broke it and quietly threw the pieces away..tsk..

And lookie what I found today while at the grocery mart?


New inventions from Pringles.. I couldn’t resist despite knowing I could only take a few taste of it.. I ended up giving the rest away to someone.. It taste just like any other potato chip they had.. “salty”.. and I bet those “SEAWEED” that made the color green were merely colorings..

Enjoyed my guilty pleasure with Harry Potter..

Finally the saga ends!!! I must say, I really didn’t think the ending was necessary.. and I thought they were gonna use some other actors to portray the older characters.. 19 years is a really long time and no way Hermione would still look like that age!

Oh well.. other than that, I thought it was just alright..

I’m no big Harry Potter fan, so at most I’d give it a 2 out of 5 stars..

July 15, 2011

Shower Songs

What’s the song that comes to your mind while you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, alone in the bathroom when no one is watching?

This song got me dancing naked in the shower.. ^_^ much fun, old skool style~

July 4, 2011

Laoag City – Fort Ilocandia Resort

This is actually a belated post. 2 weeks ago, my company held its annual company trip at Laoang City, about 45mins plane ride away from Makati. Right after my graveyard shift, our ride to the airport arrived around 6:20am. And talk about being waaaaay too early for our flight, we only started boarding around 9.40am!!! Few hours of waiting at the airport without any proper sleep.. sheesh..

I must say I wasn’t entirely excited about the place we were heading to, I mean, I WAS excited about having 3 days of break from work without doing anything!! But the place was quite a bore sad to say..

I actually took LOADS of photos but only selected my favorites to post here.. so be prepared to be bombarded with pics..

A must-take shot of myself at THE location..

Room number 332, and an unexpected change of roomie.. ^_^ good thing it was Kristy…

The main lobby of the resort, I totally loved the architecture of the place and the old building itself, the history it brings, I like looking at old ‘beautiful’ buildings, wished we had more of that back home…

This space was at the center of the building, which was nice but the weird thing was that the reception counter was on its right and seems kinda out of place?

Even has a tiny bridge across that center space…

On broad daylight, this was the view heading to the rooms, right in the middle is the fountain which doesn’t run the water… that sucks though..

Seems so ‘Dead’ without the water running, oh well, saving water I guess…

And… look how ‘eerie’ this looks at night.. seriously, the place is so EMPTY! And totally quiet.. the whole place was occupied by our company and no one else.. BORING~

Alley towards the rooms… typically hotel-like..

Ta-da! Good thing they had a mini┬árefrigerator, which of course, wasn’t of much use …

The room smelt like old old wood and un-used linens, the air conditioning wasn’t even cold, but yes, it was clean, just really musky smell…

This was our tour guide during the city tour the 2nd day we were at Laoag. But sadly, the city trip was rather disappointing I must say, more on my comment when I sum up this journey later….

View from the bus, welcome to LAOAG CITY!!!

This was the vacation home of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos back in the days, they called it the “Malacanang Ti Amianan” which we weren’t allowed to bring bags in for some stupid reason when the house was practically empty…

I realised I forgot to take a picture of myself in front of the vacation home view, so here’s one of Cindy…

This was the view from the second floor, totally breathtaking, I wish I get to wake up to this view during my company trip at that time but sadly that wasn’t the case…

There was pictures and photos of Imelda and Ferdinand all around the house. This in particular was a room filled with Imelda-related items.

Just some purses, scarfs, etc etc..boooringgggg…




This was one of the bedrooms which was kind of nice and I think I made the room looked even better with this photo…

And this, is my master piece of the entire journey, it almost looks like those photos you can see on a postcard! Am so proud of myself ^_^

Cindy took this crooked pic of me, ah well…

A close up of the building….

And yes, ‘the’ building mentioned was the Church of Paoay… I did took some pictures of the interior but then I noticed the roof was already re-structured and I think the Manila churches are more historical than this..

We passed by the sinking bell tower in the city, and apparently the reason it was called the ‘sinking’ bell tower was because the doors were seen halfway.

We also went to the Museum, which was a waste of time really, but here’s a view of the entrance, the only highlight of that Museum I’d say, nicely placed artwork…

The only place I thought was worth the journey was this, we went to the mausoleum were Ferdinand Marcos was laid in a glass case, and apparently, some people thought the body was a fake because it looked like a wax sculpture of the guy. According to the tour guide, it only seemed fake cos of the 7 layers of wax used to preserve the body from rotting away.. hmm..

You might wonder why a photo of a bike, and my hand bag hanging over it? Well, I’m actually trying to showcase the beach behind the bike, and I was also trying to capture the memory of myself taking a bicycle ride after years not having to ride one.. I just took it as an opportunity to work out and also see if I could still remember how to balance myself. But yea, I failed the ride without both hands test…

So that was it, the very boring and plain company trip this year, which is actually worse than last year. I mean, at least we went to Cebu Mactan 5 start resort hotel the last year and there were others at the hotel too! This place was totally deserted! And what was worse? The food served at the hotel was ridiculous! I missed how the breakfast was last year… sheesh..

The city tour was a big disappointment because so many of the staffs took the journey because the place was too boring to just hang around at the hotel. But I just wished they took us to more interesting place instead of a golf course!!! (Just because Ferdinand Marcos built it)

I hope next year’s trip will be better though.. Supposedly the Thailand trip was cancelled last year which forced us to go to Cebu Mactan but I wonder why they didn’t plan that this year? Tsk..