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June 19, 2011

Home/Work Improvement


You know how ironic life is when you been searching for that 1 thing for ages, and when you’ve finally given up on it, it suddenly turns up and surprises you?

Yeap, relationship happens that way too ain’t it? Sigh~~~~

Just ignore me, that was totally un-related!

Now I’m just happy to say that the schedule post up papers need not have holes on them!! YAY!

June 18, 2011

The Green Lantern

Been updating myself with the latest movies,

I’ve already catched “X Men First Class” and PAUL” which were awesome too by the way.

I was really excited to watch the “Green Lantern” mainly because of Ryan Reynolds. Thing is, it was a rather corny movie, unfortunately.

Surprisingly though, Blake Lively was actually bearable to watch here despite the impression she gave me thanks to Gossip Girl.

I’d say I’ll rate the whole movie just a 2/5 star. Its just too cheesy la!

June 10, 2011

“Do it like a Dude~”

Am currently into this song  by Jessie J, I feel like I can “some-what” relate to it. That I am not a “girly” girl, and I do tend to be more boyish at times.

It’s just so kewl.. (*geek mode..)


June 10, 2011

Mobile Pet Salon

Isn’t this cute??? Took the shot from a cab and lucky me it was a good shot! Really looks like there is actually a real pup looking out the window!

Well, if the pic is too small for you to view it, here’s the link to their facebook site if you’re interested. This is not an advertorial, I just thought I’d share some amusing things that I never knew about!


June 5, 2011

Orchestral Concerto

Most people don’t know that I am always curious to learn and try new things.

One of which is, of course as my title says it. I never really went to a real orchestral concert before, and thus it was time I tried it out. And I even went alone so I get to concentrate and not talk while the show was on.

I learned about the show from Cosmo mag. Am recently a big fan of the mag as it really gives me insights to things I can do around Manila like where to get good food, and where to visit, and yes, the fashion trend as well.

Got the ticket at a fairly reasonable price, as I would assume it wouldn’t be full house since I don’t think a lot of people are still big fans of orchestras nowadays. I made sure I made my journey to the venue much earlier to avoid the traffic and of course, being lost at a new building.

I took my time though, arriving 2 hours earlier, I went to the Harbor Square and had my dinner at Pancake House. After that, strolled along the bay area and took some sunset pictures. Amazingly breathtaking views.. Seems its my lucky day the weather was fine and I managed to catch a beautiful sight. Yes, and I took a lousy picture of myself cos I was shy since I was alone and it’ll look so vain trying to take a picture of myself. So I just quickly catch one without making an exaggerated smile.


On to the location just across the Harbor Square, the event was held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. I didn’t manage to get more pictures of the building because the picture I first took was the entrance already and I couldn’t take my camera with me! They didn’t allow any cameras in the building which totally sucks by the way.

I love architecture and the building reminded me of the time I visited the Sydney Opera House years back and they also didn’t allow any cameras.. The only lousy thing about the building was that it didn’t have air conditioning on the main lobby outside of the main theater. It was frickin warm!

And I must say the organizers did not make me feel welcomed at all. I was all alone, and there were no ushers from the organizing committee that was informing me where to go or whether I should sign up cos I saw a table there full of brochures and stuff but no one told me I could take them or not. TSK. Socialites!

Anyhoo.. I did enjoy the fact that they provided chairs for those who were early and waiting, and a guy came around to give a brief lecture about the Piece that we are about to hear. He was talking about “Gustav Mahler”, and here’s an excerpt (and photo) from Wikipedia:-

“Gustav Mahler (7 July 1860 – 18 May 1911) was a late-Romantic Austrian-Bohemian composer and one of the leading conductors of his generation. As a composer, he acted as a bridge between the 19th century Austro-German tradition and the modernism of the early 20th century. While in his lifetime his status as a conductor was established beyond question, his own music gained wide popularity only after periods of relative neglect which included a ban on its performance in much of Europe during the Nazi era. After 1945 the music was discovered and championed by a new generation of listeners; Mahler then became one of the most frequently performed and recorded of all composers, a position he has sustained into the 21st century.”


I wished I had done my study before going into the concert but I was thankful that the organizers thought of educating the audiences before they actually listened to the concert.

The show started at 8pm, and ended at 10pm right on. Only about 15mins break within that 2-hour presentation. I did learn something new from the short lecture, which is the difference between a “Concerto” and a “Symphony”.

A concerto is a musical work usually composed in three parts or movements, in which (usually) one solo instrument (for instance, a piano, violin, cello or flute) is accompanied by an orchestra.

So a “Symphony” differs from a “Concerto” merely because it has a solo part. So for this show, we had a cello solo and apparently the guy was imported from the States but I can’t recall his name though.

Now, I sincerely enjoyed the music, because it made me feel like I was in the movies especially the parts where it speaks of emotions and sudden actions where the melody suddenly becomes loud, and I could imagine all sort of drama that could happen with those melodies. Like tragic events, and surprises, and so many other feelings that I can’t describe! Its truly an awesome feeling to have experienced live orchestral music.

However, I must say, one of the other feelings that the music brought to me was sleepiness! I mean, I wasn’t even tired, or work-ed out by any chance or even having lack of sleep! It’s just the music is so hypnotizing that it really does make me yawn and my eyes were slowly closing and I just had to fight them from time to time! I hope those of you out there that are true orchestral fanatics won’t shake your head in disapproval because I really do respect the art of it, and am just honestly speaking the truth about my experiences.

Anyway, I guess that wasn’t just the thing that bothered me during the show, the fact that I was trying to control my flatulence didn’t help the experience too! Imagine having the awesome melodies and then a sudden burst of a trumpet-like noise coming from the audience! Gawd I couldn’t let that happen..!!

Well, so much for trying to be elegant and classy and all..

At least I can someday tell someone “Oh Yea, I been to an Orchestral Concerto before, you know, the one of Gustav Mahler’s?”


June 1, 2011


I been wanting to post a shout-out here but I never managed to find the time to do so, and here we are. Missed out the whole month of May!

Am gonna try and re-call some memorable events that happened during the month and just sum it up before I “actually” start June..

Month of May started with me rotating from the morning shift to the afternoon shift. Which means I had to continuously work up to 14 days before I finally had a “Real” day off.

Here’s a table I laid out to sum up my month of May.



No labor day for me.. Working on an early morning shift  >.<



(Technical Day off) First week afternoon shift. Busy. Tiring.
























K’oke Session!



(Day off!) 2:00pm – Fitness First day 1 work out.









Brian McKnight – Sorry Song (Tagalog).mp3



New Staff Training Day 1 – “Ivan”












American Idol Top3 Performs.



American Idol Result Show – I didn’t watch cos I found out from Twitter that my favorite contestant Haley was out.






(Day off!) 2:30pm – Fitness First day 2 work out.



This week started off with a lot of people getting their 3 days special day off



(Day off!) 1am K’oke session – 5:10pm Movie – “Something Borrowed”






American Idol Finals. – Didn’t bother to watch it. I knew who was gonna win



“Scotty” wins American Idol. Duh.









Department Buffet Dinner @ SOFITEL. Vacation day 1. Fitness First Day 3.



4pm – Fitness First day 4 work out

I couldn’t really recall what happened around the time from 2nd May up until 9th May. It was the first week of afternoon shift so all I could think of was how I was going to get through those days.

So what’s in store for June?